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Interview of Noblesse author Son Jaeho and artist Lee Guansoo

Webtoon intervew Naver translation

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Disclaimer : This is NOT an official translation. This is shortened version, missing several parts. And I do not have ANY right over this.

Link to original interview by Wee Gunwoo in Naver: http://navercast.naver.com/contents.nhn?rid=197&contents_id=15924&leafId=197


'How did you two met?'
Jaeho : We already met each other before, Guansoo being friend of a fellow writer I knew. Then later, when I heard he needed an author for his comic, we decided to work together.

Guansoo : After reading Jaeho hyung's novel 'Because', I liked it. I wanted to work together with him.

'As author, haven't you two wanted work by himself alone?'

Guansoo : Since I have worked on drawing only since young, my writing skills were not really good. So I decided to become an artist who people would want to work with .

Jaeho : Befoe working on novels, I wanted to work on manwha, actually.

'Wouldn't knowing each otter make joint work harder?'

Jaeho : We had worried over our relationship being worse due to work. That was a possibility likely to happen.

'So was there any rule to prevent that?'

Jaeho : We decided to ignore what others say and trust each other. It works so far.


'Then was 'Noblesse' the first choice for join t work?'

Jaeho : Actually, our first thought was making a comedic fantasy school life with vampire and werewolf etc. But after watching Gunagsoo work, I was confident we can work on more detailed story.

'Then what was decided while deciding the story to write?'

Jaeho : Guansoo wanted to work on my novel 'Because' into a manwha. But I believed that would cause readers to turn to novel instead and would be harder for Guansoo to work. I insisted on fantasy story based on real world then total fantasy.

'Total fantasy versous fantasy vased on real life, which is harder?'

Jaeho : Former is easier because it can allow anything with excuse of 'Thsiis fantasy' But latter can have many suspension of disbelief like 'Why aren't people talking about the building that got broken down?'


'Did these settings were likable for artist?'

Guansoo : I loved small comedy like Rai being surprised at elevator. I trusted in Jaeho hyung's ability to make an interesting story with small things like that.

'Was Rai's such actions very important for his character?'

Jeaho : Character being the character self is very important. So I try to avoid Rai doing something unlike himself, even if that is something cool people would want.

'By being mostly expressionless face, Rai would have been very hard to draw.'

Guansoo : It is very hard indeed. I mostly work on eye to show his emotion.

'And Rai have to be even more awesome compared to other males too.'

Guangsoo : So I try many things to tell each character apart and unique.


'When did you two felt joint work was going right at last?'

Guansoo : When I got storyboard for Rai saying 'Kneel'. I felt tremble. And wanted my best to come out for that. That was when I think I began get it right.

'What did the writer thought about that scene?'

Jaeho : I thought that was perfect. This is the person I can work with.

Guansoo : I love getting praise from Jaeho hyung like that. It is rare though.

Jaeho : I am being careful, so it won't look like as if I am being teacher or something like that. We are working as equals, after all.


'It must have been that kind of being careful that made this duo possible'

Guangsoo : I can't stubborn on my work. We have to trust and look out for each other.
Jaeho : As we are putting our work to public, some harsh critic is unavoidable. But we must trust each other on and on to get better.

'But was there any time when it was unable to?'

Guangsoo : Well I did resent Jaeho hung killing off female charters.
Jaeho : I did plan to kill them in the first place, but Guansoo just kept being attached to them and work on them hard.

'After years of work on Noblesse, people seem to have see two of you as one team.'

Jaeho : Well, if I am going to work on anyone, I would rather choose Guansoo over anyone.
Guangsoo : I want to work with Jaeho hung too.

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sweet! thanks so much.

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