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Announcement: Rules & Guidelines Posted by Grumpy



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General Rules

  • Don't advertise. This means making threads/posts to advertise random sites, affiliate links, etc. Obvious advertisers are banned on sight. If you want to share a cool site, please keep it to your signature.
  • Don't spam. This can be any action that is designed to draw undue attention. This includes making the same or substantially the same post repeatedly and/or over multiple threads. This also includes memes.
    • Bumping old threads just for the sake of bumping them up and/or without context or relatively useful information, usually known as "necro'ing," is considered a form of spamming.
  • Don't go off-topic. Every thread has a title/topic/purpose, guiding the discussion. Please do not attempt to derail the conversation.
  • Don't flame/troll/fight/harass other members. Unacceptable forms of conduct include, but are not limited to, intentionally posting false arguments, intentionally misquoting other users, name-calling, posting flames/personal attacks, annoying others, or disrupting a discussion. This rule extends to all forms of communication on this site, including the forums, PMs, and user profiles.
  • Don't post any offensive materials. This site is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated. Offensive materials include, but are not limited to:
    • pointless cursing or excessive obscenity;
    • derogatory remarks towards any race, religion, nation, social status, gender, or sexual orientation; and
    • pornographic material, especially those involving children.
  • Don't make any harmful posts. Harmful posts are any posts that are intended to harm the computing resources or physical well-being of our site or users in any way. These include viruses, annoying animated images (such as flashing bright colors), loud sounds, etc.
    • Embedded media such as audio or video must have a start/stop button. Embedded media must default to off/not playing, and may only start playing if the user affirmatively acts on your media.
    • Embedded flash must be from one of these sites: YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr. If you would like more sites added to this list, contact the staff.
    • Large images take up a lot of screen space and can interfere with the other members browsing the site. Whenever possible, keep them inside spoiler tags.
  • Don't make double posts. Double posting means two consecutive posts from the same user. Though the forum automatically merges any posts made within 60 minutes of each other, multiple posts after 60 minutes are also prohibited. Exceptions: if you're posting at a much later date than your previous post or have other good cause.
  • Don't attempt to circumvent bans. Attempting to ban evade by registering another account, using someone else's account, or any other method will lead to those other accounts being banned and the ban on the main account extended. Users who feel they have been unfairly warned are welcome to follow the steps on this thread to launch an appeal. However, publicly arguing with the moderation team, especially after appeals have been concluded or are in progress, may lead to additional warnings.
  • Search before you post. The topic of your thread may have already been created. To help minimize the chance of duplicates and keep topics in a single place for discussion, the staff reserves the right to lock the newly created thread and/or merge it with the original thread.
    • Exemptions include the Comic Finder forum and any technical support forum.
  • Only use Batoto and its features for their intended purpose.
  • Don't upload any pornographic, lolicon, or shotacon material. Don't upload, link, or reference any material on this site that may be considered pornographic. This goes double for any material that may have characters who could be children (lolicon or shotacon).
  • Don't upload any RAWs. RAWs are copies, scans, or rips of material as published in their original source language and medium.That includes material that are published by English (re)publishers or any publisher that has not granted us rights. This means you should not upload original Japanese works (e.g., a scanned Shounen Jump magazine), original English works (e.g., a scanned copy of a Batman comic), or official English translations of a Japanese manga (e.g., something published by Dark Horse comics). We host fan creations and those who publish to Batoto, not copies of others' works.
  • Don't link to RAWs. Similar to the above, do not link to any raws.
    • Exemption: You may link directly to RAWs from the official publisher (e.g. webtoons and web comics).
  • Don't steal others' releases. Do not upload material with inaccurate credits. Particularly, do not claim that you worked on a project when you have not.
  • Don't upload contents restricted by the scanlator's policy. If the scanlator says no uploading, it means no uploading here. If it says delay, upload it after a period of time (you can also use the delay feature we have to do that for you). See here for all known scanlator policies.
  • Don't vandalize our comic database. Our comic database consists of all metadata about comics, such as the categorization of comics, comic titles, author/artist information, and genre information. Our system is a wiki-like system and any user may edit it. Do not intentionally add incorrect/inaccurate information, remove information that is correct/accurate or change it to something you know to be incorrect/inaccurate. We take this very seriously and may permaban on the first offense.
  • Use appropriate display names. Users with inappropriate display names will be asked to change their names. Willfully choosing inappropriate names, such as to troll, may lead to immediate punishment without the user being given an opportunity to first change their name. Inappropriate names include anything that is:
    • vulgar,
    • offensive,
    • abundant in superfluous symbols,
    • misleading, or
    • otherwise irritating/inappropriate.
  • Don't impersonate a staff member or user. This includes deliberately choosing a confusingly similar username, avatar, signature, or any combination of the three with the intent or goal of passing off oneself as another member or a staff member..
  • Don't make huge signatures. It's annoying for people to scroll for several pages just because you posted once with several pages worth of signature. If you have a large signature, please enclose some/all of it in a spoiler tag. Additionally, we have implemented automatic restrictions on signatures, enforced by our forum software. Our signature limits are:
    • a maximum of 3 images, with each image being 800x400 in size,
    • a maximum of 5 links, and
    • a maximum of 10 lines,
  • Don't make annoying signatures/profiles. Annoying signatures/profiles include, but is not limited to, excessive animated gifs or autoplaying, embedded music/video.
  • Obey the general rules. Avatars, signatures, and profile pages are still subject to the same general rules as stated above.
The exact application of the rules are at the discretion of the moderators and will be interpreted, adjusted, and modified as needed to fit new situations. Rules for specific forums are applied in addition to these general rules. You may appeal decisions of moderators according to our appeals process.

List of Forum Specific Rules:
Potato Hell Rules.


Problems with a User/Post/Thread

If you have a problem with a user/post/thread, please click the Report button underneath every post. This will send the report to the moderation staff.

Problems with a Moderation

If you have a problem with a specific moderation, please follow our guidelines for initiating an appeal.

Comic Hosting Guidelines

Problems with Manga/manhwa/manhua/comic?
  • If you notice that there's any problems at all with a comic, such as mis-ordering of pages, broken images, mislabeled chapters, or any other such problems, notify the staff here.
  • Uploaded a bad comic? If the chapter is already approved, unapprove it (by clicking Posted Image) and, change the bad chapter's name to "Delete me," and re-upload the good stuff. If the chapter was not approved yet (you don't see the Posted Image) simply rename the chapter title like it was described the sentence before.
  • Comic's labeled wrong? Comic description contains inaccurate/wrong information? Fix it! We support a wiki-style of editing and so, you can fix it yourself!
  • Duplicate comic? Duplicate groups? Notify the staff here.
  • Want to add a comic? A group? Just login and you'll see the buttons on the front page to do so.
Problems with the Site

Please post here and be as detailed as you can about it.

Problems can include:
  • A bug in the site.
  • Random redirection of page (this should never happen).
  • Popup/autoplaying ads (this should never happen)
  • Any anomaly that you find weird.
Suggestions to the Site

Please post here.

For all Comic Hosting Related Issues

Go here.


The Q&A section's answer for registration: