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Yougen no Chi

Alt Names: alt 妖幻の血alt Blood of Yougenalt Yougen'in Kanıalt Yougen's Blood
Author: Akayoshi Junichirou
Artist: Akayoshi Junichirou
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaHistorical HistoricalHorror HorrorSeinen SeinenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Ryuunosuke's from an impressive clan... Or well, his secret is impressive, but he's not. After receiving a an unknown vampire doll from his sempai, his spilled blood wakes it up. With the soon-after death of his dear colleague, he also acquires a beautiful meat-eating girl. These two girls guide Ryuunosuke in controlling the monster that lurks within his blood while he tries to figure out the true reason for his existence.

from MU
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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I agree, the English in the manga is rough and hard to understand at certain parts. If you can endure it, this manga is pretty interesting.
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This scantilation has lines like "you're already 25. Please don't make me"
http://vatoto.com/read/_/8559/yougen-no-chi_v3_ch15_by_village-idiot/5 and other such that seem like gibberish to me, so it is really really hard to understand the story alot of the time. Does someone know of a better scantilation group for this series?
I heard somewhere that the author is a fan of Toume kei. While some people call the drawings rough and scetchy,I think that "human touch" would be more suitable. Compared to many modern mangas,which are made on PC by using prepared samples this one feels refreshing and close to be called art. In addition to unusual drawings the plot is not worn out too.
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I really like this series! It's kind of gothic, and weird, but in a good way. And I love the sketchy art style.
But be warned: last I heard, this series was on hiatus as of volume 4, so there might never be an ending :(
good manga, make me miss kratos in god of war, who will kill before talking, all of them die, there will be no silly black market....
didn't expected it but i love it
it sinks in you little by little and you want to know more and more :)
hope we will get new ch soon

Great manga is great, no matter what bro. Still, the art reminds me of Toume Kei sensei's work
This series has a convoluted, yet intriguing plot. I am not a fan of its rough art and large character rooster, but i still like it.

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