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Watashi no Koibito

Alt Names: alt Atashi no Koibitoalt 私の恋人alt My Loveralt 我的恋人
Author: Sakisaka Io
Artist: Sakisaka Io
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: One day, Emi receives a call with a confession to her popular and beautiful older sister. Without thinking, she hangs up. But on the day that she enters high school, by some unknown coincidence she meets this caller who had confessed over the phone...

And thus, an overflowing love begins...
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I actually like this a lot more than Ao Haru Ride. This character growth in this one just makes me feel all gushy. She's not perfect from the start. It also really related to me on a personal level..

The second side story is excellent! ... not that the rest of it isn't, because the rest is good, too.

I rather Juuki, though. Even so I liked it

I especially like the first Extra Story. It could have also worked with a "bad" ending though.
I really enjoyed this one and the side story Second Bloom was great. Both side stories are good. It is a good shoujo.
finished reading it, very good, love the to side stories! especially the first one.
The second side story is really sweet! She didn't use any words but was able to convey the story and emotions well, I thought.
A typical, but very well executed shoujo. Recommended.
Really love Sakisaka-sensei's mangas...I'm reading Ao Haru Ride and strobe edge, really nice, maybe the only shojo mangaka I read. Haven't read this one but I'm pretty sure i'll like it too.
one of this mangaka first manga, her art sure has improved. i like this story its interesting,
Hmm, can't say I like the heroine's love interest much. Something tells me he used his knowledge of a certain event (readers know what I talk of, probably) to his advantage in order to get closer to her sister.

Can't quite say I like where this manga is going, but I'll give it a few more chapters.

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