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Usotsuki Wakusei

Alt Names: alt 嘘つき惑星 (プラネット)alt Liar Planetalt Usotsuki Planet
Author: Yoshizawa
Artist: Yoshizawa
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSci-fi Sci-fiShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Chika is packed away to sleep in an escape pod, to avoid a deadly asteroid collision on earth. When she wakes up, however, she finds herself in the distant future, but still on Earth. Earth is now filled with strange creatures, like flying fish. She's being cared for in a dome by an android guardian named Roy and a maid android called Silvia. She also encounters a mysterious, friendly man with cat ears, named Oboro. All the future beings are fascinated with her, seeing as she's an 'original' human, but sometimes they forget about the limitations of human lifeforms. Will Chika be able to find a place in this strange new world?
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I love this manga from beginning to end!


The fact that the two main characters never end up learning about each others past in order to progress with their relationship is an interesting choice by the artist. I thought it suited the themes of the story very well for them to stay focused on the present rather than dwelling in the past.

That adorable, blackmailing little robot!

Not a bad salvage job, axe-wise.


On the romance side, well, no kiss but on the other cybernetic hand, a marriage proposal and a good deal of cute.  Not too shabby.

not a bad ending, but still, where's my darn kiss D:< lol


.......really? omfg. WHYYYY. WHYYYY. NOOOOO.

i wait so long for updates from this!...just to see that it ended...and got axed? oh god whyyyyyyy.....I'm too afraid to finish this now. Q_Q 


Arg.. the ending was really abrupt.
Thank you soooo much agua scans for updating this manga<3

Awwww Roy likes chica and chica likes him too. So cute.

So that's how Roy found her and his reaction to it. So even the first time he saw her he liked her/thought she was hot.

Huh. So robo is actually pretty advance machine now even though robo was made a thousand years ago.

No real spoilers.



I don't get this artstyle

Aww.. loving it. ;-)

awww much squeal this chapter <3 thanks AQUA scans

Holy shit that went dark. Poor Roy I can't even imagine how it must feel


WOW... that' some serious darkness.... dem horror.




Where's my Comedy at? >_<

That...was messed up.


Thanks so much for the update! UvU



reminds me of Kurapika's family in Hunter x Hunter...

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhh uhhh uh.... OK then

Holy shit that went dark. Poor Roy I can't even imagine how it must feel


"I should try to NOT GET CLOSE to her"
It's like The Game, you lost the moment you thought about it.

LOL That's good and Literally 90% of all shoujo manga or at least it used to be?

I wonder if killing non-human life counts as Drama and Tragedy....

...Huh, I would've thought they'd have dragged that out longer just to make sure you hated him enough. His comeuppance came quite fast.

Weird.  You'd think it was a shoujo manga or something.

Sometimes your quotes make my day

love the outfit designs

... i think i need to reread this series. lol

Nice an update~



edit: Oh my god i'm so glad that commandant got what was coming to him. THANK GOD.


Dat update.

Thanks a ton!!!

No way...even this manga is updated....Thanks again for updating this Aqua Scans. :}}}

Hmm, seems like you guys have pretty good taste in the mangas you've translated. Time to check on the manas/mawha you guys have worked on. *^*

Yup. *~*

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