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Under Execution Under Jailbreak

Alt Names: alt Shikei Shitsukochiyu Datsugoku Shinkochiyualt 死刑執行中 脱獄進行中
Author: Araki Hirohiko
Artist: Araki Hirohiko
Genres: Horror HorrorPsychological PsychologicalSeinen SeinenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Contains 4 short stories:

1. Under Execution, Under Jailbreak - A man in jail and his attempts to break out of his cell.

2. Dolce and His Master (2 chapters) - A man and his cat are stranded on a small sinking ship. Their supplies of food and water are dangerously low - almost non-existent. Who will go over the edge first? And who will emerge victorious in the frenzied battle that follows?

3. Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - At a Confessional, Kishibe Rohan listens to the life story of a rich and successful man.

4. Deadman's Questions (3 chapters) - A man (or it is a ghost?) wanders around town struggling to accomplish his mission.
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Very Intriguing of Araki making these stories while at the same time publishing part 5 Vento Aureo. It makes the stories feel fresh and he stays consistent with JoJo while ideas that doesn't fit the tone of part 5, he instead puts them in these one shots to get them out, just like currently right now with Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe while publishing part 8 Jojolion. 

Dolce and His Master is the best of the four stories in this collection.

Is the prisoner supposed to be Dio?

Spoiler for the last oneshot and the fourth JoJo series:

Deadman's Questions is the best of all these oneshots.
So was that hole in wall a trap aswell ?

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