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Tsubasa to Hotaru

Alt Names: alt つばさとホタルalt 翼与萤火虫alt Kanatlar ve Ateş Böceklerialt Sommer der Glühwürmchenalt Wings and Fireflies
Author: Haruta Nana
Artist: Haruta Nana
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of LifeSports Sports
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Sonokawa Tsubasa - 15 years old.
A bubbly, energetic girl who's called 'stalker' by a lot of her classmates because she chases after the guy she wants relentlessly. After getting rejected by an upperclassman who saved her at the train station, she decides to help her childhood friend, Yuri, with her job as the basketball club's manager. There, she meets quiet, unobtrusive Akkey...
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Topic Tsubasa to Hotaru OVA New Window Kasuya
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After an entire year, I thought I'd have to go for a reread.


The immediate "Eat shit, Toba" moment instantly rolled back the memories.

Era ora che si dichiarasse! Mi dispiace per Toba-kun...ma è talmente figo che troverà di meglio!

Akira es el mejor me la pelan todos <3

>guy refuses to let go of your hand
>agree to go on a date with him so he lets go
>actually follow thru on a promise made under duress

Lol how does this bit get to school every day without getting into someone's van because they got candy?

Gracias por la actualización y doble !!!

skaldsoakdlasdlkasjlka el cap 39 me mató es demasiado hermoso t_T_T_T_T_T_T_TT lo amo aki <3 <3

I know that Spanish is my main language but still...
Okaaaay toba. Back the heck off, that is amazingly creepy.

I kinda dislike Toba. Because he tries to "steal" her, even though he knows he's a third wheel. If she was not in love with Akkey, or he didn't know about it, it would be perfectly fine. But here, he's just being forceful and inviting misunderstanding : holding her hand, inviting her to the shrine on new year.


I know it's classic shoujo, so Akkey is probably going to believe that she's with Toba and pretend to give up, until the misunderstanding is solved, but damn, do I hate this kind of contrived situation that could be solved if only the MCs talked with each other instead of keeping everything under wrap, hoping troubles will go away on themselves.


She meets Akkey after Toba's confession. Good, that would be the occasion to tell Akkey about that confession (he didn't ask it to be a secret), tell him your turned him down and that you had no choice to come to the shrine because he was insistent. Then invite him to the shrine too because you feel uncomfortable being alone with Toba. Killing two or three birds with one stone.


But noooo... the shoujo gods demand misunderstandings and drama.

Hmmm . . . in terms of the main character being all stalkerish-like, no, I don't think that's all that common. 

Thing is, shoujo romance has a fairly narrow basic set of circumstances and broad character types that are available, and everything's been done to death.  Shoujo writers are well aware of that, for the most part.  So there's this ongoing struggle to find character traits or other variations that will allow the basic love story to be told while keeping it at least a little bit fresh.  But you can't go too far because the MC has to be somewhat sympathetic and relatable.  So, the stalker-and-excessive-clingy-enthusiasm thing is this MC's signature trait intended to set her slightly apart from all the other shoujo heroines.

Bit of a negative comment, so I apologize beforehand, but I wonder if all shoujo mangas are like this haha. It's an enjoyable read but imo the main character is a tiny bit insufferable.

Just something that bothers me about the manga, it's otherwise fairly cute!

Sigh non posso crederci che sarà l'ultimo capitolo che tradurrete sigh. Quanti altri capitoli mancavano?

Just pick Toba-kun already. Geez. 

He definitely has a ton of character. *sigh* I will sink with this second lead syndrome ship!! weeping


And this is saying that I don't even like MC/Sonokawa. My fave characters are Toba and also Yuri.

Just pick Toba-kun already. Geez. 


vi rigrazio tantissimo per tredurre questo manga, mi paice tantissimo e spero che lo continuerete.

Grazie è bellooooooo ;)

this is what i hate. give them both a fighting chance dont just make the black haired one win every damn time

Really?!  Like they'd be able to get a bunch of university students to skip Christmas Eve dates just to teach some high school punks.


Akkey... you smooth son of a bitch.



porque ya no lo siguen traduciendo al español T_T por favor!!!
Grazie per le vostre traduzioni! :) Hina inizia a giocare sporco e la cosa non mi piace per niente!

Grazie per il capitolo! Questo manga e' davvero delizioso :) 

Ahi ahi Hina-chan vuole giocare sporco...non credo che ci riuscira' pero'!

Huh??? Where is english version??? *crying~~~ i mean, just 20 chapter until now?? There's no more update??
After reading love berrish three years ago, i tried bingeing haruta nana and i failed, but this manga is great. Sucks that I found it only now

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