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Toshiue no Hito

Alt Names: alt 年上の彼女
Author: Amazume Ryuta
Artist: Amazume Ryuta
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaEcchi EcchiRomance RomanceSeinen SeinenSmut Smut
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: The woman Tsutomu encounters in college was older and smaller than he is, and for some reason, looks like the same girl in his dreams. The heart-pounding love affair between him and the "older woman" begins.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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I hate loli characters, I don't find them sexy and whenever they appear in an anime I would think the anime romance would now be ruined since who wanted to seriously dated small girls. But then I read this manga, and Ageha is so damn hot that I am now a lolicon (2d only of course). Thank you Ageha-sama for showing me a whole brand new world

He could have ended this at chapter 10 and it would have been kind of sweet. 
But no. The guy had to go 30 additional  chapters and rustle my jimmies to the point of emotional roller coasters!
That's not fair yo!
(I clearly enjoyed this)

10 + from me !

This is truly a great read. Very captivating all throughout the story.

I'm actually not a fan of series like these, but there is just something right about the way Ryuta sensei creates his works. And saying this about his first long running series is saying something.

Wow so the photographer guy was actually planned to sleep with Ageha? Glad the author didn't go through with that plan.

why does this look so much like kodomo no jikan? is he the same author?

No, you must be thinking of Nana to Kaoru as there's no way the art is similar.

why does this look so much like kodomo no jikan? is he the same author?

Pulled an all-nighter and just realized it (cause no more chapters were left to read).
This manga is just SOOOOOO captivating :)

Pretty good manga the twist at the end is cliche off course but its done amazingly so im not saiyng this to trash the manga.I love it overall people need cliches too if they are done well then no problem.Higlhy recomend it 

Man, what a good read. Some where along the track I stopped reading this, lucky I did coz if I didn't, that would be a good half a years of waiting.

This is a good read. I'm glad the story didn't turn out as I feared, but since the author mentioned he considered having the photographer sleep with Ageha, it seems that I wasn't far off the mark.


Also, I'm glad I just followed without reading when chapter 40 was uploaded, or I would've had to suck up the long wait with you guys :)

Finally fully translated. Been waiting a while.

My favorite Amazume Ryuta manga. Can't really say I like the other works he's done at all, but I really loved this one. Glad to have been able to see this be completed.

Awesome, what a great story this has been.


Lots of thanks to Molokidan, Victorfliks and KidCongo for the final chapter.

Well it was a so-so manga i would rather have main lead end up with his friend( not because she had big tits or anything) but in my eyes they looked better than when he was with that shorty (sry for not stating names i just forgot them). Regarding his impotency it seems like a nice idea for medicaments for guys who want to stay faithful to their girlfriends/fiancee/wife :| . Anyway thx for this last chapter now i can finally call ends on this manga.

AMAZUME Ryuta is a great mangaka, i hope nana to kaoru will end like this.

Still better love story than Knim

finally ended, had been waiting for the last chapter for some time.

a nice series <3

Wooo! Finally, closure.  Thanks for the release

Sorry Jiggy-Ninja, I had to replace chapter 41 due to mangahere watermarks.

Welp that was a decent ending couldve been a tad better but non the less acceptable..... to my peeps who cant read spanish(myself included) Heres a link to an english translation

I was hella excited when I saw it got released, then I saw it was in spanish..
im a man but he deserves dat slap lol, man up bitch, but im happy for them :)
There's only one chapter left, please just translate and it so we can be done with it. This waiting thing is awful.
Should have kick him in the nuts :]

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