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Three Days of Happiness

Alt Names: alt 寿命を買い取ってもらった。一年につき、一万円で。alt Üç Günlük Mutlulukalt 수명을 팔았다. 1년당, 1만엔에alt Jumyou o Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.alt Mikkakan no Koufukualt senege mek telung dinoalt Tres Dias de Felicidadalt 我用一年一万日元卖掉寿命
Author: Miaki Sugaru
Artist: TAGUCHI Shouichi
Genres: Drama DramaPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceShounen ShounenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A twenty-year-old with little hope for the future discovers a shop that buys lifespan, time, and health. This is a story dealing with the ensuing consequences.
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I chose this as my last read on Batoto.


It was a beautiful works. I have no regret ending it with this.

God damn this was a good story

Well, so long and thanks for all the fish! 

Looks like there is only three more days of happiness for me until batoto closes... :(

Not a fan of the ending..


The message is an analogy! take your own life as an example... and apply it as an analogy.


Get it?

Damn Fells.......................


what a ride it was. it just so fucking relatable....


It looks depressing for sure, but at the same time it gives a courage, a motivation, a hope.....


May i found "Miyagi" in my life.



Damn feels.....what an appropriate manga to read before the end of batoto. oh well.......

Squeezing one last good manga to read before bidding the potato farewell. 

Here's a melancholic salute. Wonderful read.

Farewell, Batoto.

Yeah. This feels like an appropriate thing to read in Batoto's last days.


How this manga treating left over time and it's sentimental value feels like Bato.to is saying this precious days til January 18th is precious. Find your happiness! It's too short to achieve big success but too long to achieve nothing!



I'm glad to be able to read this manga in full before the site goes under. Peace.

Yeah. This feels like an appropriate thing to read in Batoto's last days.

I think they could have done a bit more with the manga pull one or two more chapters to really tug on the heart strings.

Oh dear, this is just so sad. I rarely cry reading shounen, but this is really hitting my tearducts.Only 3 days left together, but at least it's a happy three days, instead of 30 years of loneliness and sadness.


I'm not someone who would sell my own life but this is a beautiful story.



On one hand I really do relate to some portions of this MC, the other hand at some parts I'm like...damn dude chill for like three seconds. Kind of uh, hoping he and the observer don't get into some romance. but that's probably inevitable. anyways time to read on





this is the best 16 chapters i've read.



No, his comment doesn't quite fit on that subreddit. He's accusing you of bragging, not saying he's smarter than you or even smarter than average.

So, you were judging the series as a whole on the first five chapters? That's not really an excuse, especially how you seem to be trying to brag about something there. 



what is the content of the letter from himeno when she was 17?
i know it's some short of SOS, but i don't know the actual message.
did i miss something?

It was a banal, "how's life" kind of letter that she would never, ever send him under normal circumstances considering their personalities and their relationship to one another. The contents in itself would have been the usual: "school is fun, hows it for you etc etc"

Same thing as having a shitty job just to make ends meet.

havng a job is different man.. whether it's shitty or not.. you still contribute to society.. and still have plenty of opportunity to know people and have better life..
while selling lifespan are.. just like willingly to place timed bomb on your chest just for money..

7 in the morning for me, to be fair I started at 6.


I'm laughing lightly at how much i can relate, and especially to the later thoughts of the MC. It's funny too because whenever I find some masterpiece ( i mean, just anything that resonates within my soul ) to my eyes, the meaning I get out of it is something that I already am conceiving, it may be deeper developped or maybe from an other point of view thought. I'm gonna keep commenting because I still don't feel like sleeping and it seems like the right place to talk about it. ( why not after all )


Yeah, i can really relate with this MC.


One of his main problem was a false pride that he was better than anyone just because he had good grades in elementary school.

That's why he never considered the need to improve, hard work, or even socialize with 'lesser beings'. 

But sooner or later, the hard worker and the really talented one will score better grades than MC in school. But due to his false pride, he probably thought "If i'm being serious i can get better than them" even though he'll never do it. This went on and on until he was left in the dust. 


In the end what we got was a good-for-nothing guy who thinks too highly of himself. One who kept making excuses everytime he failed, or hid his feeling of inferiority by acting nihilistic just because his pride couldn't take it.


Fuck, now i'm just projecting my own life.


Same here, thought I feel like I am not lying to myself much and am aware of this very well. And I am trying to put effort into getting the better out of it. But to be honest I'm lost and it's hard. I think that people like us really need support, loneliness is the worst thing that could happen because it just makes us go deeper and deeper into the hole. I am at a point where all I can sincerely do is a cry for help. This ( what you and I just wrote ) is exactly how I've been feeling until recently, luckily it changed and is a lot better since. 



Just like the start of my comment, I feel like I already conceived all of these issues, thought what to do about them. I don't want to be in the wrong, or completely missjudging things, be it because of how highly I think of my ability to understand, or because I'm actually pretty young ( about to be 18, been having serious thoughts since age 15 but I had a complicated life before ). But since my final resolution of everything is a real passion, from the guts, for life, and hope, respect for the world around me ( when I started, I pretty much rapidely rejected the nihilistic views, rather, I forbid myself from basing my thoughts from such a point ). I want to believe that I'm right.


I managed to reach that point, after 3 years of hell ( the years before weren't so much better, but these were something else ). But it was extremely hard, on so many levels, for so much reasons.I don't want to blame myself for lacking motivation, even though I deserve to be blamed. Even the meaningless little efforts that I made are still important to me, because I still did them. Now I just want my energy back, a lot of things in my life finally turned well, it gives me some strenght, but I still can't completely push forward. I'm so close, there is so much things that could hold me back, and I manage to go through, it's so hard, just this little push. I actually feel like I went out of it, but I'm yet to see the results ( can see some but I want more ). It's nothing like what I hoped to do, I'm giving myself time but I'm scared. I'm genuinely giving in all of the hope and faith that I can have. But in some sleepy part of my head I, without thinking about it, slightly doubt about myself, what's about to come for me. Not sure if it's a good thing or not. 


To be honest with you guys, one thing ( and for a big part ) that saved me ( not necessarily from suicide, but overall saved ) was completely assume and realise my passion for romance, and realise how much I need it. I did it pretty early, but I really thought it out and impregnated myself with it for a while. If I had read this one manga a while before though, I may not have understood as I do right now.

In the middle I wasn't sure where it was going, but then I just was suprised how good it ended up being each time, it was beautiful, on so many levels. I did not expect such a straight-forward, simple and pure romance ( was a shame that there wasn't that much passion ). Everything is so well thought of, I'm really impressed and respectfull toward this work. It's not just pleasingly intelligent, such as you would feel smart to understand. It was just so honest, clear, like if the author talked directly to us, without a need of playing through an actor a futile scheme. 


Anyways I had the luck to get up from the abyssal hole, I've climbed up let's say 3/4 of it with my bare hands, in the middle, romance gave me a rusty pickaxe, assuming it thorougly gave a second. Thinking through that personal reality, that I could not hide and had to aknowledge/understand, allowed myself to stretch my thinking from my naked soul to any extent I could think of, it changed my two pickaxes into two friends that would help me keep climbing up. I could fall at any moment, there wasn't a break allowed, or a single bit of light showing from above. But I kept on, after the 3/4, when I was about to collapse, after one last final push. A elevator took me right below the top, and now there are a few stairs to climb, I can take my time to climb, I can finally see the bright day-light, but I'm still in the hole. I feel like I could trip at any moment, it would be fine, but I don't want to.


I'm still better off than a lot of people ( maybe some of you ), but, even thought I don't even try to think about it, I still have some doubts, that one thing that is awfully needed to have my energy at 100%. I'm almost certainly sure that it's my own romance, but that's impossible for me, for now. I know that I will have to wait. And it really pains me, even with all of the faith, fervor, and blind hope that I have. I'm getting back on that romance that managed to vibrate something deep in me. That I couldn't bear to read and see at some point, sick with envy, it caused more pain than healing. Right now it feels like a sweet cloud that brings me to the skies. But I'm affraid to end up in the same situation, where the finality is an even greater burning desire that isn't completed.


That one really was nice. And surprising.

what is the content of the letter from himeno when she was 17?
i know it's some short of SOS, but i don't know the actual message.
did i miss something?

 Come on.. He is throwing his life for money... That's just basically suicide for me..

Same thing as having a shitty job just to make ends meet.

I'm bawling, there are literal tears coming out of my eyes what the fuck.


That was one of the most beautiful things I've ever read.

[spoiler]Three, no one said he was cool

well.. Actually.. I started this comment, after i saw that there's people in this comment section that say "wow this MC is so like me" like he was proud of it.. proud of became depressed guy who give up on live..

You say he is not depressed and sucidal?
Come on.. He is throwing his life for money... That's just basically suicide for me..

Don't know why I read this all at 4 in the morning. Now I'm just fucked and sad/happy. Fuck


2 in the morning for meee~


[spoiler] (because idk how to do the tag)

Now I can finally sleep after reading such a deep story. It's great that he found meaning and happiness in his life because of the girl, and realized other truths like fame isn't important in comparison to [blank].



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