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Alt Names: alt 테제alt Te Jehalt Tejeh
Author: Kim Eun-Hyo
Artist: Kim Yeong-Ji
Genres: Action ActionFantasy FantasyShounen ShounenSupernatural SupernaturalWebtoon Webtoon[no chapters] [no chapters]
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: ====Batoto Staff Notice====
This comic has been requested to be taken down by Naver. Do not upload, for any language.
This record has been left here to serve as a notice.
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Meh. This manhwa is every kind of cliched. Although I have to concede that the art is quite something.

4/5 strange sometimes

This is a we don't have a lot of active staff left. Most people interested in working on this series are not around anymore.

I'm curious if this is just a one time event. Like celebrating one year of no update...

such a good read! thank you so much for picking it back up :)

OMG... Thesis is back :D ... TY so much :)

He got his clock cleaned. Spotless.
it felt really good when he punched dat dude in the FACE!
the story are predictable...
It's awesome.

But author likes to drop the details of human relations.
It begins >:D
man... marathoned! procrastinated! now awaiting for updates...

this is getting better and better...
I am so lost.
great webtoon. a little on the short side (only 45 chapters long) but for me that only helps it stay great.
What? the prophet went to work even though she knew the world would end? LoL how silly! How unimaginative! Unforgivable!
Am I the only one who saw Aloe Vera?
So it's like Bleach (or, for that matter, any other generic shounen), but accelerated fifty times. It'll probably end in a few chapters.

I'm just reading it because the art is pretty.
did anyone else think lightsaber?
Thanks for thesis
very similar to Bleach, but much much much much better
Sweet! New chappy.

Damn Leo, that's like the one major skill most rpg assassins have.
Sorry for the long delay. :(
like a slow movie that you can't take your else of
yar... the chapters are to short and they take an eternity to come out! but overall good Manhwa!
Interesting. I just wish there were more chapters out.

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