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The Repair of Flowernoid

Alt Names: alt フラワノイドの修復師alt Flowernoid no Shuufukushi
Author: Sakura Roku
Artist: Sakura Roku
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSci-fi Sci-fiShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: "Flowernoid", a doll created with the special nature of flowers, and who devotes themselves to a master. This is the story of Satsuki, a master flowernoid repair specialist whose daily life changes by happening upon a lovely flowernoid. "From now on, I belong to you" the flowernoid claims.

Alternate Story:

- Satsuki's Sky (http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/satsukis-sky-r4383)
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Awww, cute. ^_^


I really loved the artwork. Just lovely. ^o^

Dawww- that was cute, that oneshot was a bit confusing (though i liked the action in it) but this spin-off is just cute.
Well, it's a matter of taste. If you want a dark action manga, then the oneshot is more your style--lurid violence, main character needing to kill a demon every eight days to survive, batman-style comic book origins with the nemesis killing the mc's parents, yadda yadda.
If you want a sorrow-tinged romance manga, this one is better. Less over the top, more characterization, more feelings and stuff. I like the longer version better than the oneshot.
Really, they strike me less as oneshot vs. expanded version and more as companion pieces, alternative approaches to similar characters.
Liked the oneshot much better. If they had stuck with the premise of the oneshot, and just fleshed it out better this would have been really good. I liked their personalities in the oneshot better too.
And it's over. Thank you very much for reading, guys!
It's like Black Butler meets Absolute Boyfriend.
@ Cydric, Satsuki was a girl in the oneshot...
Posted ImageI like this better than the One Shot, coz I couldn't fully understand it and initially I thought Satsuki was a guy...or was he really a guy...
Wow only three chapters and it's over? Why did they even bother serializing?
I like this better :D. Satsuki is not stundere nor does she act like one. I like her ! Instant follow click!
What's the deal this is such a huge change from the oneshot!
ohhohoh so cute. instant follow.
this one has a LOT of shoujoish essence to than the oneshot"although it IS shoujo,,whatever iam also readong some few shoujo manga namely "maid sama" and "reimei arcana" an additon slot doesn't lost my MANLINESS, ins't it?
This is a spin-off series of this oneshoot.

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