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Tamago no Kimi.

Alt Names: alt たまごのきみ。alt 鸡蛋少女alt 雞蛋少女alt Tamago no Kimialt The Egg Yolkalt Your Egg!
Author: SUMIYOSHI Yukiko
Artist: SUMIYOSHI Yukiko
Genres: Comedy ComedyFantasy FantasyRomance RomanceSci-fi Sci-fiShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: The planet of Salami is almost identical to planet Earth. Judging from the appearance, there's nothing different from Earth... Except... The sense of beauty is VERY different. Aimi is an orphan living with her step-mother and step-sisters, and she is what we consider as being beautiful, but what THEY consider as ugly. Yet, that doesn't end the story. Just by an accident, Aimi stumbles upon Earth and meets Kyou Naruse, a self-centered person or someone called.... "The Narcissist." Our very own Cinderella Story... or not.
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I feel like my sister came from Salami... her taste in guys seems to prove that at least. 

well the ending sucked..

but it was still a great manga!
The final 2 chapters were awful.
@Purple Library Guy
I thought that part was awesome too
Man, when I said this was getting really random I hadn't seen nuthin' yet.
Although a couple of bits of the randomness were great--
Well Chapter 23 didn't make much sensePosted Image
There are only 2 chapters left, according to animanga cafe...
I think the end is near and I also think its getting a bit rushed especially chapter22
The new chapter was really cute! Aww... Kyou.

Thank you, Animanga Cafe!
Nice, a "Glass Mask" reference with that "Tsukikage"-girl in the theater club.
This is getting really random.
How can he fall in love? He's a narcisst!! Lol
Hrm. So until it gets picked up, it ends on a rather unexpected plot twist/cliffhanger, which is actually the first major plot twist there's been since they established the basic situation.
It's an interesting twist, too.

It's not a bad manga. On one hand, it's pretty silly, and not in a bad way. On the other, it deals with issues of appearance and its superficiality, self-esteem, bullying and stuff--kind of has to, what with the premise.
Blue decemeber is no longer scanlating this!! THe group is probablly going to disband someone please pick up this wonderful series!!
I don't know why but I've been getting a "culturally insensitive American"-feel from the main character.

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