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Tama to Tama to

Alt Names: alt たまとたまとalt With Tama and Tama
Author: Chinjaorosu
Artist: Chinjaorosu
Genres: Comedy ComedySeinen SeinenShoujo Ai Shoujo AiSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Tama and Aoi are friends from childhood. Tama is a shrine maiden that is not allowed to ever leave the village she grew up in because if she does, a terrible curse will unfold. Very much unlike Aoi, who's a normal girl and is free to do whatever she wants with her life. When Aoi's parents die, she has to move out of the village. To her dismay, Tama follows her in order to make sure Aoi fulfills a promise she made to her when they were younger...
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well, this is somewhat decent.
still ongoing in Japan ... that a surprise ...
maybe the story might get better ?
(kinda disappointed shoujo-ai without ecchi tag ... but ... follow for now)
No true fan passes for a shoujo-ai tag! It is, instead, a marker for adventure! Charge ahead, men, let no tags but yaoi and shounen-ai deter you! Unless you swing that way! Then full speed ahead!
After checking it out, I get the feeling that this is more about the adventure of two close friends than Shoujo-ai.
i wouldn't say shoujo ai itself warrants a pass. but this seems to be the special type of shoujo ai that's aimed at pervy male readers... I know I'm judging it by the cover, but I've seen there types before and they rarely contain anything coherent about romance either.

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