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Alt Names: alt 스위티
Author: Park Jae-Sung
Artist: Kim Ju-Ri
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen Shounen
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: How do you distinguish between the love from a cute neighborhood girl (who’s like a little sister to you), and the love from the hottest, yet quirky, girl in school? This is exactly the question Myung-Ho has to ponder when both his neighbor’s cute little daughter, Ji-Hae, and his school’s most popular diva, Yu-Ri, make him their valentines. Of course he cares for Ji-Hae, because the poor girl’s already been through so much for someone her age, but still, she’s only just a kid. Then there’s Yu-Ri, the girl of his dreams…or rather, she would be if she wasn’t a fortune-telling voodoo witch doctor. Oh and yes, it would also help if her father, the local gangster boss, wasn’t out to kill him.

When you’re as lucky as Myung-Ho is(?) choices are very hard to make. On one hand, he could go out with Yu-Ri by turning down Ji-Hae, breaking the heart of a child who’s been depending on him ever since she moved in next door. Or, he could choose Ji-Hae by turning down the only chance at romance with a beautiful girl dead set on making him her destined love. Choices, choices…
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A few chapters in I'm totally fine with my snap judgment. Yuri, while more harmless than I'd expected, is a shallow oversheltered ditz with no understanding of reality. Jihye is young, but she's a really good kid and frankly more mature and responsible than Yuri seems likely to ever be. And actually more passionate too. Give her a bit of time to grow and she could make a guy very happy. Not convinced Myungho deserves her, really, but still I'm rooting for her.
I agree. Not to mention this manhwa is one of the very few in manga/manhwa which is a romantic comedy, but to a lot of people that don't have access to the raws, can't predict how it ends.

Guess, maybe. Predict? No. I mean, let's face it, nowadays it's just harems with open-ending or undeveloped romance that just leave a bitter after-taste in the end.
It kind of sounds like an easy choice. I mean, little girls grow up. Crazy girls . . . and this girl seems like, good looking though she may be, she's still below the line on the hot vs. crazy graph.
omg an update?
Chapters 12-21, although available on other websites, are not available here due to Batoto's policy against hosting or uploading of officially licensed work.

That said, if any team plans to take on this manhwa... we will love you forever. This is a harem of a different kind. Give it a whirl!
yeah,it was dropped at chapter 25 nearly 3 years ago .
I really liked this Mahnwa since the story was somehow nice
. Too bad Imagescans dropped it for whatever reasons there have been <_<
Oh wait, nevermind. Same protagonist as always. Ah well. At least the girsl are cute.
nope, he imagines

btw, poor gorilla
A series where the protagonist actually thinks about the result of his choices?
I have to read this.
I like the screen where Jisean try to sucide with her silver dagger.They said in Korean girl has to keep a silver dagger with her to protect her purity.It's ok true after all
It's been so long since I last heard about it. Too bad, translation stopped at one point and never got resumed.
oh wow i remember this manga. really wanted to see the end but i think its dropped :(
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