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Alt Names: alt すぱすぱalt 封魔未婚妻alt SPAS-SAalt SPASPAalt Supasu-Paalt Supasupa
Author: Miyake Taishi
Artist: Miyake Taishi
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyEcchi EcchiHarem HaremRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Itsuki Minamori has fallen asleep in class and dreams about a girl from his past. He is awakened by Haruna a girl who apparently has a crush on him, but her friend Chihaya Yuuki tells her to stay away from this boy. He explains that he's spent his life being followed by evil ghosts and during the exposition, another one shows up.
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I just skimmed the first story because I though hte title and the fact that the cover she's holding a spas-12 (or osmething like that) was rather interesting. I don't get how the spas-12 is used other than eliminiating the supernatural.

Ugh... I feel like it was just so incomplete... It could have been a lot more to the story and characters. 

Nice story. I think it gave me diabetes though.
i'd really wished it'd atleast shown their wedding getting interrupted by a large amount of evil spirits followed by some comedic justice and fan service for the ending. or atleast not give it such a huge open ending in volume 7. and if miyake-sensei actually makes a sequel i hope it would be atleast 5-7 years in the future with a flash back that shows us what had happened up to that point.
I'd say that v6 feels like an excellent ending that I wondered if I should continue reading v7 =/
Dammit,i still am a newbie in terms of using tags =_=
Sorry about that :/
Good manga,but the plot feel a bit rushed and the ending is kinda...weird.
Still,a manga worth reading.
Suzu is a win in her babe form~!
Huh??? The last koma ? does it just mean the girl fell in the stairs and they heard it? Anyway yes i have to admit the end proves a new arc is possible but those are the best endings right something that clearly ends the story but lets you see or feel it can have a sequel.
Lol not a bad end. Concludes the series but also gives an opening for a new arc.
Will there be a new series!? that would be awesome!!
Okay they ended the series by introducing a new love rival? That kinda sucked...
Even ignoring how rushed it was, that was an odd page to end a series on.
The ending was rather rushed, it ended freaking fast :P
It wasnt really rushed, I think it was pretty nice actually xD. Especially on the "bonus" chapter. Most manga would have taken ten or twenty (Or a hundred or two.. Yes im talking about you Bleach D:) to fight that one monster, and yet they managed to sort of wrap it up in one. Good artwork, and a nice story XD.
What a weird ass ending.. I thought this was cute but the ending felt so rushed and compared to the tone of the rest of the manga, almost sort of inappropriate..
I guess you can call it a "shotgun" marriage :)
Vol 7?
So she's both a loli and a babe?.. I cannot imagine a better situation than this.
Great series all the way through.

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