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Sket Dance

Alt Names: alt 学园救援团alt スケットダンスalt SKET DANCE
Author: Shinohara Kenta
Artist: Shinohara Kenta
Genres: Award Winning Award WinningComedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: The hilarious misadventures of the "Sket Dan"; a group of high-schoolers who help out people as part of their club activity. Himeko, the hot-headed ex-delinquent with a soft spot for cute things and a taste for strange food. Switch, the brainy otaku who only talks via a computerized speech-application. And Bossun, the atypical leader of this looney bunch, with the amazing power to... concentrate very hard!

Sket Dance won the 55th annual Shogakukan Manga Award in 2009 for best shounen manga.
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I just reread this again, I keep crying at the end 8’) it’s very funny and heartwarming, one of my favorite series

I can't believe I finished reading this in around a week.
This was such a great series.


ahh, I feel so empty now.

I wish SKET Dance had an official English release, I would love to re-read and support the author.

(and I wish the anime had more episodes~)

Good series, I'd definitely recommend.

However, I really wish the ending was a bit more conclusive. It's like Japanese authors like open endings..

It had it's ups and downs... But overall, I really enoyed this manga. I laughed, I cried(which doesn't happen that often for me when reading something) and it was heart felt.



Oh Saaya... T.T

Times like this make me wish the romance here never existed

Love the


Just got to the part where its revealed that

came back for the last chapter after a long hiatus. oh my god that last chapter... bossun's troll level is too damn high.
god bless shinohara kenta. now that it's been two years it's about time for his next series. XD



What a Manga  . Made me emotional , happy , laugh


I watched all 77 episodes of the anime and then read the 288 chapters


Switch OFF to Switch ON . Ogress


Happy Birthday to Happy Re-Birthday


One of my Favouite is Osaka Visit . .


That Captain and Shinzou Retirement Chapter .


Volume 032 is Magnificient . Chapter 286 litterly made me cry.

Chapter 287 is good and the way HIMEKO Chan act and reacts  makes your heart feel Warm .


You can Feel the warmth of their bonds their relationships


Chapter 277 when HIMEKO Chan almost love confessed.


It seems Like SWITCH accepted the feelings of MOMOKA Chan .


At the same time it feels like all the charaters are now 20-21 years old If this is true then it feels like It took 2 more years for SWITCH to accept the Feelings of  MOMOKA Chan .


Shinzou and Dante and Rumi Chan and Akane San aren't even shown in Last chapter .


It feels good to see that HIMEKO Chan is doing good


SWITCH got good start in life again


BOSSUN is BOSSUN .  SAAYA Chan got an answer .


Too many characters were left out .



I demand an epilogue as long as Yu Yu Hakuso's. It just can't end like that so half-assed.

Nope... Just nope. DIdn't get my ending...

I really can't believe that its over ;_;

This was a constant picker-upper whenever it updated, and now being able to read the ending, remembering all these characters just to say goodbye... wow.

I look forward to whatever Shinohara Kenta comes up with if he ever does decide to do another.

you guys rly didn´t see the copy paste ending!? o.o


After reading final page of ending


/hits bossun's head 

Already? Ended?


End of a glorious era i guess

I demand a epilogue! Well been a nice ride. when Bossun say "I love you too!" I was what a character from shunen jump that is not tense, impossible! 

Did you ever read/saw Yu Yu Hakusho?

...huh, I kinda expected more. But then again it's Shinohara Kenta - sensei. Still it was a good read, I enjoyed it and I learned something along the way like always be there for others, try to understand and accept the situation while having a few laughs along the way

Ah, it's been a good read, full of human moments. Scanlators, if you ever happen to read this, THANK YOU ! We're grateful to you all :)

Well, shit...


Hey, in my opinion that was practically a perfect ending. It fit the tone of the series just fine, it had all it needed to.

I would appreciate an epilogue, of course, but I'm, happy with what I have.

i can't believe it's really over ;__;

i saw so many comments about how terrible the ending was, and it gave me such low expectations that i couldn't possibly have been let down, and so then i ended up being fine with it. haha. it was very in-character at least!

i hope shinohara-sensei writes a new series eventually~!!

Is there a one shot from this author? Anyway, someone must remember Shinohara sensei that the two years are about to end (LoL)

Sket Dance had two one shots, with only one seeing the light of a ranslation. There's also the one mentioned by Sakata, if you're interested, but it's not translated.

Yeah I want An epilogue damnit

I saw the raws back when it ended(almost 2 years ago, wow), but I gotta admit that it is sad to see that one of my favorite manga is ending for good. 

It's been a good ride, and I hope Shinohara is successful with his next work.

Thank you, Soldier Hero. I loved this series. Bye Bye Sketdan 

Is there a one shot from this author?

Yes, Eikyu Fumetsu Devil Point:


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