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Shouraiteki ni Shinde Kure

Alt Names: alt 将来的に死んでくれalt Just let your future burn!
Author: Nagato Chihiro
Artist: Nagato Chihiro
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Ai Shoujo AiSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: A girl tries to "buy" her female classmate with money.
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Read the first volume.

I think it's alright. It's simple comedy with a weirdo in love with someone from her class. The omake explains why and it's simple: love at first sight. They repeat jokes involving money a lot but there's still some interesting bits and it can be pretty funny. Not a deep story by any means, but I like it.
The first volume is currently free for download through ebookjapan's phone app, or at least a really large sample for what it's worth. I'm gonna check it out

I just can't "feel" the characters. They have no depth.


I just can't "feel" the characters. They have no depth.

reuploads chapter


still has "wanna be mine" instead of "wanna have sex". Seriously, "yaru" in this case is definitely about sex. Especially with later part of the chapter taken into consideration.

This is a lot better after the updated chapter went up. It was way easier to understand the characters' dynamic, and it was cute.

I don't necessarily want to commit to this forever, but if someone wanted to do the translation, I could provide typesetting and/or cleaning+redrawing for this for the foreseeable future. I have worked on most chapters of "Kako and the False Detective" available here on batoto, if you need to see what I am capable of.


Hell, if anyone really wants to get this thing going, maybe message me for contact info so we can actually work something out.

This could be a really fun project.

Also, to the next group that come and pick this up: Please don't typeset using ComicSans in all caps

I really like this one, and would like to translate for a scanlation for this manga, if others are willing to do the typesetting/editing/etc.

Crazy girl lol, Thanks for the translation, I wonder what's gonna happen from now on with the fansub

What happens when you do a 4-koma without giving it the 4 panel format?



Wanna see the romance build up! Followed!

Thanks anon. While I believe Xolovekid put a good effort into their work I don't think they fully got how to translate well. Now I am going to follow this with the clearer Idea of what is going on. I like the work Xolovekid put into it and I hope they can find someone to help them with the actual TL or Proofread portion of it.

Oooh! new fapping material!

Thank you anon.

There's a tag for this on batoto dynasty

As some have already mentionned, awfull grammar, but nice work on the cleaning, grab an editor/qa/spellchecker and all should be well.

It feels weird to read awfull english but have decent image quality :/

What people have said, the grammar mistakes are too glaring to see, even for my low standard. 

Not gonna comment on the translations, but this one work is terrible made, the pace is all over the place, her imagination part (if that is what I got right from that suddenly outburst from the shot haired girl) and don't have at least an indicator that it ended.


And the desperation feels too forced and the other girl is too much emotionless lol, not even a surprise about the situation, only keep saying "I'm going home" or "Goodbye".

Hey xolovekid Could you also upload Tachibanakan ToLieAngle in Here as Well??

Oh hey, someone finally picked this up. Now I won't have to debate whether or not I should start working on another series.
Sidenote though, translation quality seems a bit off. I haven't read past the first few pages and I've already spotted a few mistakes. Like when she used ヤる, it's slang for "having sex", so it's not "can I make you mine?", it's "Will you have sex with me?". In the first line, いつもより means "more than the usual", so it means "I had more work than usual"

Edit: Translations are too literal, you need to be more flexible if you want to translate a slang heavy manga like this
Edit 2: A lot of mistakes, definitely needs proof-reading
Edit 3: Old version was removed

It seems really interesting and I'm really glad you picked this up but It really needs some quality control some lines just don't make any sense.

Good on you for scanlating this, Based on your personal page, you've already got up to Chapter 3 translated.

However, the dialogue is rather awkward, almost unnatural. It could do with a bit of quality control from another party.


The premise seems interesting, at least.

*sees cover*

*follows immediately*


Chapter itself is rather disappointing though. The pacing is all over the place. Oh well, I'll give it a few more chapters.

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