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Seifuku Kekkon

Alt Names:
Author: Cozmi
Artist: Cozmi
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Hirata Nao, an ordinary sixteen-year-old girl in a single parent family, was happy leading an ordinary life with an ordinary dream to get married and make a warm home with the man she would fall in love with. However, her life is turned upside down when her father left her and her two younger siblings in debt of ¥10m (approx. US$100k) in search of a national treasure to repay it!

With a huge debt to pay off, collectors at her door every other day, and two young siblings and herself to feed, she works part-time in three different jobs everyday, yet the return is close to nothing. But she doesn't give up hope.

Per chance, or be it fate, Nao encounters Chikage Saga, an honour student of the advanced class from her school, who comes from an extremely wealthy background. Chikage offers her a part-time job with a pay so high that she would be able to pay off her debt in no time! Being at her wits end and considering the lucrative return of the job, Nao signs the contract without a second's hesitation. When she comes to and pays careful attention to the job contract... Contract? What contract?! It's a marriage registration!

The romantic school story of a hard-working girl and her conquest marriage-of-convenience is about to begin!
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Si è concluso troppo in fretta e così il finale sembra un po' tirato via, però è carino dai

Ummm leonbalda, wrong language mate


Where can i find the actual english ver by the way. Sounds interesting

E' davvero banale, ma comunque vi ringrazio per il lavoro e l'impegno che ci mettete.

Uhooooo che risvolti!!!

nooooooooo il 4 nn può finire cosi!!!!!!! grazie del lavoro che fate!

Grazie per il terzo capitolo, ma credo che dobbiate rivederlo ci sono troppi errori e alcune frasi suonano male. '^^

Uh huh, how many story start with 'irresponsible parents leave their children with xx million debts and the handsome and rich guy come save the day *with requirement!' now?

I mean obviously it's a story about how a chick meets a handsome guy who is also rich but I'm pretty sure tricking someone into signing a marriage license wouldn't hold up in court.

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