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Alt Names: alt Ozmafia
Author: Poni-Pachet Sy & Hobibox
Artist: Yurino Tsukigase
Genres: Fantasy FantasyShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: When she suddenly wake up, the heroine, Fuka, who was in a completely unknown land, has no memory of anything.

All of a sudden, an unknown silver-haired man suddenly points his sword at her as the whole town runs about in confusion trying to escape.

I’m going to be killed — at the moment she resigned to that thought, the one who extends a hand out to rescue her is …?
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It's such a shame that this was dropped. :c I hope that someone will pick this up again in the future.

good read, thanks AQUA scans!

I have conflicted feelings about these latest chapters, This could have been avoided so easily, I know the Sunday policy is very important, but couldn’t just tell her to wait for Monday instead? :I



I bet she's from the tower!

This is the first time I've seen Satoi's work in black and white!!! XD She always draws for visual novels so I always see it in color.

Her work is so gorgeous but I'm not sure how it's going to work out as a manga! XD Guess we'll just have to wait and read.


Some of the free games she's drawn for include "Machi de Uwasa no Hakushaku-sama" and "Moonlight Wedding"! You can find them online really easily (on Vector in Japanese, and I think there's an English version for MDUNHS out too).


Ozmafia!! is not free, but it might be worth the money, IF and when they release it in America. :'3 Here's the ozmafia website: http://oz.ponipa.com/ (I think there's a trial version available there in Japanese)

It is NOT a oneshoot!


It looks like this is just the first part of the oneshot. Once the rest of it gets scanlated, it should be completed.
Wait it says one-shot but it doesn't seem to be and it says ongoing.

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