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Alt Names: alt นินจาคาถาโอ้โฮเฮะalt ナルトalt 火影忍者alt 狐忍alt 나루토alt NARUTOalt NARUTO―ナルト―
Author: KISHIMOTO Masashi
Artist: KISHIMOTO Masashi
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyDrama DramaFantasy FantasyShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: In the village of Konohagakure, ninja reign supreme, and school is literally a battlefield. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are teenage classmates and ninja-in-training working together (sort of) toward a common goal: to become the greatest ninja in the land!

We've been requested to stop hosting this series by Viz.
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Sasuke's next question might as well be

"What is the meaning of life?"
@RS Oh, right. THAT'S WHAT THAT'S FOR. Kay, got it. And but the rest of that is still true to some degree
It was a lake or river not ocean plus he brought back other people whose bodies were impossible to retreive. If it was just underwater Kabuto or Orochimaru could of easily retrieved his body using the summoned snakes as they both have been seen using the summoned snakes to retrieve stuff underwater and underground.

I think Orochimaru found a way to break the shingami curse by digging through the Uzamaki klan secrets.
Weren't the Hokages unable to be summoned as they were sealed inside the Shinigami way back in the Chuuni Exam arc? Did the writer completely break everything to make the story longer? Are there millions of jutsu possiblities that we haven't seen due to laziness and MC OPness?

The answer to all these questions is... yes
@RS456, Jiraiya's body is deep within the ocean so it's impossible to retrieve his body.
Things just got more complicated especially with Orochimaru back. Unlike Kabuto, Orochimaru has near absolute control of the dead puppets and the 4 previous hokage at that.

I wonder why there is no Jiraya puppet yet? Jiraya's body was never found or he is not really dead yet. He is a ninja whose skills and expiriences is that of Hokage cadre. Maybe he is working in the shadows and is easier for him to get around by pretending to be dead
The four hokage... ARE BACK. WOOHOO!!!!
the four past hokages now to rescue the plot, you know to tell us just what the fuck is this issue about the truth of history and what's gonna happen from now on in this war,
though at least there is hope we'll see in action the known genius 4th hokage in this war
Only good thing about Naruto 617. There's no Sakura
Sasuke and Orochimaru probably went to see Shisui Uchiha, thou my theory could be wrong and Shisui could be dead.
i'm in a serious predicament right now. . . i want this manga to end but i don't want it to end. CAN'T I FEED BOTH DESIRES!?!!?
new chapter(615) really amazing!!
go naruto hinata

So in other word your saying that pirates are being pirated.
I wonder whether Mangastream knows that the Turkish group Kusanagi is using their cleans ........

How do I know they are using Mangastream's cleans?

The black and white tones are way too similer.
They both use the same resolution to the pixel !
The areas where there is a watermark in Mangastream releases are noticeably redrawn in Kusanagi's releases.
There is no "Mangastream" in the credits "as I can notice".

Just sayin....
ch 615 ...
why did this feels like TTGL ?
(Hinata feels like Nia from TTGL ... no drill power in Naruto tough)

oh well, waiting combo attack between Hinata and Naruto ...
Just read the new chapter (615) and all I have to say is
@Alien Entity because he would cockblock naruto and hinata in the near future hahahahaha
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1° Alien Entity is right
@JokerxHisoka. That's what it looks like from the chapters before 608,as kakashi constantly uses jutsu without having any problems.
@Alien Entity seriously? is that what u did understand?? -_-'
Because there are no scans that can be hosted at batoto.
why dont they update its up to 611 now
As much as I enjoy these scans
Good God, what the hell is with the bulk of fanart in each chapter?
If it's one or two then it's understandable, but 10 - 20!? Worse, sometimes the pics will have spoilers in them
I came here to read manga, not to see a page recolored about thirty-fucking-times
I found Naburo to have far more compelling characters and better artwork. I'll probably just stick to that version in the future.

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