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My Fair Neighbor

Alt Names: alt マイ・フェア・ネイバーalt 阳光邻居
Author: Morino Mei
Artist: Morino Mei
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: From Phoenix Serenade Scans:

Sakura Yuki and his neighbor, Momo were separated during Yuki's third year of high school because of a certain incident. Yuki thought that they weren't really friends considering that there was a 12-year age gap between him and young Momo. But 10 years later, Momo, now a high school student, becomes Yuki's neighbor once again. Momo is eager to be friends again but Yuki feels differently as he remembers things he buried in his heart long ago. Momo and Yuki battle their past and present to slowly become closer than ever.
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This one shot may leave readers unsatisfied if they are looking for a typical shoujo love story, however that does not make it an unenjoyable read. It's characters are very real and fleshed out, with struggles that we as people growing into our responsibilities can sympathize with.
The love story is more of an examination of how they feel towards each other and how they support one another rather than an explicit declaration and reciprocation of their love. Whether they get together is that up to interpretation to the reader should they read literally all the way to the final "Special Thanks" page, and so I would also consider putting an "unrequited love" tag for it's possible manifestation of Momo's persistent love for Yuki.

The art was gorgeous, the leads were beautiful, and you truly grow along with these characters as you read them. I definitely recommend giving this one-shot a read.

ciao volevo dire che manca la prima parte del capitolo 5 inverno potete fare qualcosa? grazie

Kawaii (*^o^*)
Kawaii ❤❤
Grazie grazie grazie

My thoughts as I was reading the finale of the story: "Dang it! He is not going to even try? It's going to end just like that? Not that there's anything wrong with it. It's up to the readers interpretation whether they got together or not, but again, not even a single date with Momo? Poor girl. Well at least it's sweet." 


Turned to page 49 of the last chapter...


"Damn... mangaka you good" 

This is the sweet, sweet nectar of life.

Thanks for the scans.

Pure vanilla goodness 10/10

so many ninjas cuttin onions here

damn, I read this manga because of the amazing praise in the comment section. And I gotta say...it did not disappoint.  

Nice drawing. Reminded me of Canno in some places. And the story is really sweet.


Though I can't forgive the father. After all, he lied to his new family too, even though they helped him. He should have straitghtened himself without relying on lies. That was quite selfish.

yup, on chapter 1 page 16




and it's ended just like that...................................... T____T

Mistranslation perhaps? Or the author accidentally slipped in a setting from one of her earlier drafts?

so its not friend-zone or neighbor-zone but straight up family-zoned?!?

Me reading this:



This is the kind of ending a lot more manga need. A happy, not overly-dramatic ending that leaves a smile on your face :)

When I started this, I thought it was gonna be annoying, but it turned out really sweet and thankfully, no creepiness present either. One of the better age gap stories out there, definitely.

My brain is still malfunctioning from the last page. CUTENESS OVERLOAD hrrrnnnnnggggg

Agh! What is this beating in my chest? Also why does it feel like it is burning with the passion of a thousand fluffy suns?! 


*reads to last page*



I thought this story was handled very well. It's got all those lovely heartwarming moments and they are well placed. I was most impressed by how this story handled the age gap, the connection and affection shown felt believable and wasn't forced/exaggerated, it had a good pace to it. The ending also was satisfying and fitting. A good read if you are looking to try it out.

that last page




I typically avoid short stories like this, but DAMN this mangaka delivered. Short, sweet, and heart warming.


If this manga got movie, I hope the producer wouldnt destroy this treasure..

Im sorry i cried manly tears

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