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Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku

Alt Names: alt もりぐちおりとのていおうがくalt Moriguchi Oruto no Teiougakualt Orito Moriguchi's Kingcraftalt 森口織人の帝王学alt 森口织人的帝王学
Author: Okayu Masaki
Artist: Sanada Rin
Genres: Comedy ComedyEcchi EcchiRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Moriguchi Orito is transferring to a new school, but being lost in the fog he can't find his way to it and end up bumping into a beautiful girl and got struck by a vision of her in a very sexy pose. Seeing him with his cellphone in his hand, she thinks he took a picture of her and runs away crying, "My life has ended!", dropping her own cellphone in the process. Finally finding his way to the school, he realises that it's full of very weird people, and that his new seat is next to an empty desk where a bag is hanging with the same strap as the one on the cellphone the beautiful girl dropped...
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This is a good manga i will admit yet i cant help but feel like i am missing half of the story...

Still one of my all time favorite mangas

For those asking what kingscraft is and about the ending


Kingscraft is like any other craft. In the linguistic sense of the word breakdown the noun form craft or smith means "Maker of". in verb form, it means "Making of". In the story Hastuki was being groomed(being made) as a "king". Specifically she was beeing raised to be the next leader of her family. That was disrupted when she chose Moriguchi instead.  The book at the end that was labled "Moriguchi Obito's Kingscraft" indicats that Hatsuki's family decided to make Moriguchi into a king aswell. In this particular case, it basically means that Hatsuki's family sees the two protagonists as a couple, and plans to raise the both of them to lead together. 

Japanese tradition and most asian countries for that matter put more emphasis on male heirs. To the point that a male marrying in tends to take over the lead from the female. Blood tends to be very important though, so usually another male relative or even a male of a branch family would take over instead of a male marrying in, in the case of Japan.


Since Hatsuki has 'special powers' she's been chosen as the next heir, in a "no matter what" kind of way. She was willing to throw it away for Moriguchi, so the family decided to just take him in instead of lose their all important heir. Thus the Moriguchi Obito's Kingscraft, or broken down Moriguchi Obito's Leader/head/king training.



As for the manga itself. They get canned if they don't get enough reader votes. So while there could have been other arcs and extentions to the plot, it seems we got the best end we could considering it's shortness.

Story was okay but just one question

What is Kingscraft?


What the hell was kingcraft?

Can someone explain the ending?

This started more like how games do, info jumble. It's more conclusive than a lot of manga I've encountered (Seo Kouji). Personally, I would have preferred darker presentations of the Kingcraft part but hey, giving that part some slack, it's a nice run for a manga.


Recommended for people who prefer more conclusive romance manga than harem.  Kimi no Iru Machi fans can keep away from this one.

thanks random botton for bringing me here\('A')/
a nice happy ending :D
So good history :D
But i think it could've more and more and more .... *_*
In Chapter 10, THOSE PUSSIES
good story too bad it was soo short
Not onlly it has interesting plot, what is draws youinto a manga but not like many, it has a wery strong ending that more or lessties all the lose strings and does not disapoint you like many endings do.

And while the it is indeed quite short manga, it is a worth reading. I came for the etchi and stayed for the story.
just two volumes?? i´ll give it a try but i wanted more, volumes doens´t give much room for develpment
All in all, that was an hours worth of reading that I don't regret. could be a little better but it isn't drawn out too long. I recommend giving it a read.
Agreed, chapter 1 could be fleshed out more (mabey even have a flash back prequel). Too bad there never was a volume 3.
This series had some good potential, but the author failed pretty badly at structuring the story. The first chapter was so incoherent that i didn't get what was going on until chapter 4 or 5(even the translator admits he didn't understand chapter 1 although this was done by some top-notch scanlators). The character introductions were too poorly done as well. The art was quite good though, especially the character designs in the first chapter.

All-in-all it was a creative idea, had many original elements and the art was solid and matched well, but writing the actual story proved too difficult for the author(i mean, it got the axe after about 10 chapters).

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