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Alt Names: alt 메트로놈
Author: Lee Won-Jin
Artist: Lee Won-Jin
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalSupernatural SupernaturalWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: A bloodstained man stands in front of a terrified girl. He proclaims his love for her and makes this ominous declaration: A year from now, she will either die with him or will be alone forever. Now, rumors abound about the cursed girl who causes any boy who proclaims his love for her to die. Join us to discover the mysteries of Metronome.

Original webcomic: http://cartoon.media.daum.net/webtoon/view/metronome
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I knew it was a bad idea to get started on something when there's been no releases in 2+ years, but I did... I was really curious to see how this would end... the raws are pay to read so unfortunately couldn't get my hands on that :( I did however manage to google translate my way through blog post summaries and well... That was wild. If anyone's curious I'll leave what I managed to scavenge in the spoiler below! 



There's a lot of really important details I've left out, because man this webtoon is complex and weird af... also I'm not too sure if I even made out the summaries correctly because like I said... google translate.... If you'd like to know where I got the summaries from feel free to ask.

If this webtoon does end up getting picked up again I'll delete my spoilers, but I just really had to let that out because this webtoon is even more crazier than you'd imagine.

I wish someone would pick this up...

A male yandere in a time slip. What more can I ask for?

yandere, yandere everywhere (¬‿¬)
thanks TC!

Where? Tell me so I can find them

I love the author's little asides.   He seems very happy with his work.  Oh, snap. Marilyn Manson ref.  The album, "Less We Forget".  Thanks The Company for another good chapter!

LMAO! He even had a nosebleed. XD
Gotta re-read this lol.

It's been so, so long...

thanks as always TC

Found this strange gem and I'm kinda really liking it so far....despite trying to follow the story lol

Me: "Hmmmm.... he looks insane and he has the crazy eyes."

-reads the part about suicide-

Me: "Yup! Definitely a psycho." XD

thanks for the present, TC, always looking forward to this one :D 

Another awesome webtoon!

Cant wait for more updates!!!

All these characters are pretty weird. 


But basically...


A real page-turner this one, and I´m dying for more.


Thank you The Company for translating this one.

wait - wha?


I don't understand the -motive- part behind all this because it seems that there's a lot of extraordinary circumstances (psychics, dead parents, time travel, etc) that just happen around this girl, and it doesn't seem to originate from obsession as I originally thought.


I guess I'm just at a loss, but I'm so addicted to this method of narrative that I'm willing to just roll with it.

This is really awesome. I like stories where the plot twists are not obvious. Male yandere is also a nice touch. Thanks TC :D

yandere, yandere everywhere (¬‿¬)


thanks TC!


So sorry, not sorry at all for gif overload.

it's aliiiiiiive!!! D:


Thanks so much TC!!!!

yeah, just planned to say that. He looks a lot like
Itoshiki Sensei :D


Art's a bit like Sayonara Mr Despair.

This story only needs a little more advertisement to receive the massive fan-base/following it deserves!

Kinda wonder what's Onyu goal here. If he wanted to kill the two girls, I'm pretty sure he could have find an easier method (like throwing a makeshift bomb and not using such a complicated trap). Or if he wanted a confession, he could have kidnapped one of the two and ask the other by threatening to hurt the other.

Yuna in that last chapter --" I'm legitimately only here for the yandere guy and the possibility of any split personalities.. But damn, I have a feeling the future doesn't look good for Onyu B

The class rep is the only one who gave her the time of day (gave her his number at a field trip so she can avoid the school group and leave early) since middle school around age 12-15 when everyone avoided her because they thought she was cursed.  

oh i see. Guess since they're releasing again I should re-read, since I don't remember everything. ^^ 

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