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Megane x Parfait!

Alt Names: alt メガネ×パルフェ!alt 白鸟恋爱实验社
Author: Satou Nanki
Artist: Kizuki Akira
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A girl joins the 'White Labcoat and Glasses' club to get closer to the upperclassman she's fallen for. She's then coerced into conducting an experiment in love with said upperclassman's younger brother...
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Wasn't this Shounen? Anyway I came back here after years to check if this is still the worst manga I've ever read, and it definitely is.

It's weird that I feel like I'm the minority for expecting the ending to play out as it did.



Am I the only one who finds this manga confusing ?

"Does that mean I have to dream of having sex with Richard Dawkins?"

...I don't think I've ever read a more boner-kill line in a manga, ever. e_e
Wow, the burdens of being the younger brother.
was I the only one rooting for Yoshinoya-kun (the science club guy) and the older brother ending up as a couple? hehe, I'm not usually one for yaoi and they don't show any romance between the two of them but still, it would have been an interesting twist :) also I love Yoshinoya-kun's character so it would have been nice if he had a little romance ^-^
( TT-TT ) I truely feel sad for the little brother.... His big brother was just a manipulative troll....
Wait, what? I know that's a perfect way to end it, but it's too soon!! xDD""" I just felt like an experiment for the mangakas, how can you let me hanging up like this?? xDD
I don't usually read shoujo but I just love the pair author-artist works, and also hope Usotsuki Paradox got pick up again as it was more serious, complex story and more importantly LONGER.
Older brother is excellent troll.
As the extra "watching him cry is fun"... feel for the young one there,losing all that he cherish
Anyway, I personally like the younger bro, but
Well, aruless, as of the end of ch 4, I'd say
Mar 25 2012 11:51 PM
sounds like shoujo. . . .
Bwahahaha. I really like finding something like this. Shoujo-esque art with a female lead as a shounen manga? Oh yes. Oh and the comedy's not too bad either. A lighthearted story with the ending still a mystery.
just hope for something fresh and not the same cliche manga, where she fall for the little bro, thanks for the update btw.
Finally update !!! Hope Usotsuki Paradox will be updated soon too.

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