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Matsuri Special

Alt Names: alt まつりスペシャルalt 마츠리스페셜
Author: Kamio Youko
Artist: Kamio Youko
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSports Sports
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Matsuri is a girl like all the other high school girls. She likes boys, especially one called Wataru, but he hardly notices her even though she watches him like a crazy gal. "Tough girls aren't my type," he once said, and now even three street guys call her a tough chick?! Nothing too good to say to the wrestling Princess. Being this kind of princess is nothing to be proud of for Matsuri so it's a secret that she keeps from her school mates, because it's her father who wants to make her a wrestler...but what will happen when she's discovered fighting those three guys by Arata, the bad boy who can even "fight cows"? Discover it and keep track of Matsuri Special!
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Farewell chapters DMCA took you down hard :(

Cute story. Predictable but sweet.

Now, i really don't like shoujo because QUALITY, forced drama and stupidity beyond DB, but hell that was beautiful and touching

surprisingly good. recommended!
at first i thought it would be a romantic comedy or sort of, but i was wrong when this series shows it drama sides around volume 3. even though Matsuri did some stupid decisions i can't hate her personality, because if i am in her position  i might also do the same mistake. and then from action goes straight to romance, Kamio Youko really know her games! XD

Love it <3 Amazing work as always from Kamio-sensei! :D

...but the glasses girl can be really annoying though.

This was nice some of the early chapters could do with re-working though. 

The art is shoujo'ish but the female lead  was far from a typical weak girl she had a realistic reason for her reclusiveness and social anxiety, though she was quite stupid and very naive at times .

Almost all of the characters felt human, the female side-characters were believably pettty, the gym guys were fairly dumb. 

But most appealing of all the mangaka didn't feel the the need to give Matsuri some irritatingly worthy reason for liking a guy A.K.A kind, noble, hardworking etc.etc.

Which is surprisingly rare.

it wasn't exactly Teppuu but it was pretty good

This series was fairly good, and I was happy with it.

I like the characters and the concept.

I just want more now, as the series ended on a happily ever after~
I find the main character to be a little selfish and annoyined from time to time, but then again, she is a normal girl and I think that's why I'm driven to support her despite the flaws she has.
This story is really good! The main character is really strong. It does have some similarities with the author's previous works but still very interesting lead.
Lol summary. Wakarimasen lol.

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