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Lost + Brain

Alt Names: alt 迷走记忆alt LOST + BRAINalt Lost Brainalt LOST+BRAIN 迷走记忆
Author: YABUNO Tsuduku
Artist: OOTANI Akira
Genres: Mystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Ren Hiyama, a genius student was tired of the boring world. While he was thinking of recreating the world, he realizes that with hypnosis, he may be able to do that. After a year of testing with his classmates, recreation of the world begins.
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This was shounen, wasn't it? It was published in a shounen magazine.

I don't believe in the "power" of hypnosis so I found it to be a rather dry read.

Good manga with a Death Note vibe to it.
nothing more nothing less.

Well, the series is good if you only look at the plot itself. If you analyze it deeper, you come to a simple fact: some people CAN'T be hypnotized. I know what talking about: all my family on my mother's branch (an me myself) are immune to it. Mu granma once assisted to a performance, but she never got any effect. While that may be a single case, my mother had it different. She was born in the URSS, and there was a theory about calming mothers who had just gave birth by hypnosis. She took a monthfull of therapy, no effect at all. And I tried it too, I can get no effect.
So, if he actually wanted to take over the world, he would have to deal with that issue. As you can see, the resistance is an heritage, so it's not like a person or two would resist. Obviously, in some places it would be endemic.
Well, I'm taking it too far away. BTW: surprise hypnotism, used to put Yuka to sleep is BS, all other techniques are more or less exaggerated (As long as it's outside your audition range, a message will not reach your brain. Even if a low volume message inside the audition range of frequencies would do so, the distance between the person and the TV may vary, so you cannot ensure that the volume will be right. Etcetera).
The best ways to take over someone's mind are shown by Kunoji himself during the presentation at the very beginning. You don't have to directly control someone, but force him to think the way you want him to think. Another way to do it easily is through what's called "the 25th picture" (our eye is an 25FPS camera, but the 25th frame is not seen, but supposed by the eye. Even if we don't "see" it directly, information does go in, so the brain does get it. So, your brain is getting info while you're not knowing it).
ummm, is it just me or some of the chapter page are not in order...?
nzrock, she should be reborn. Then her previous life would come to an end.

BTW, am I the only one who thinks that he's still alive and hides with hypnosis like an invisible man?
It reminded me of Death Note, it's really a good manga.
I don't think the end is so rushed.
What's with that ending?... Sigh...
Seemed a little rushed, but not bad at all.
I think the reason why the ending seemed so rushed, is because the series got axed/cancelled.
Also, no idea why Yuka didn't die when she got her memories back, like she is suppose to. I'm guessing the mangaka forgot(or couldn't find a way to end it due to being axed)?
Awesome, reminds me of death note :P
This is a fun series, but the way it portrays hypnosis is fiction to say the least...

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