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Kumanishi Bijutsubu Rough Sketch-senpai

Alt Names: alt らふすけ先輩alt Rafusuke Senpaialt Rough Sketch Senpai
Author: Onio
Artist: Onio
Genres: Comedy ComedyEcchi EcchiRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A libido-fuelled art comedy featuring the secret art club activities of a delinquent girl and the boy who will make her his masterpiece.
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A damn shame it ends like that. I enjoyed this manga very much. Ah well. Thanks, Raptor Scans! You rock!

Eh, felt really rushed. Axed maybe? Oh well.

Another series ended right before bato.to closes, thank god it does. Thank you bato.to and raptor scans... goodbye people.. let's meet again in yet another manga site. Hopefully.

And their fight had only just begun!

That was rushed, but great! I'm going to miss this manga and site. 

Aaaah! Short but so sweet. I'm gonna miss finding little series like this on Batoto. Au revoir all you magnificent people.


We've had many series ending just before Batoto ended.

Just like how the majority of series has no conclusive ending, Batoto ending will not be the end for us too.


Goodbye, everyone, we shall meet again.

Had to jerk off to felt manly again

It was a great ending. How fitting with batotos demise.

Reading the end of something beautiful at the end of something beautiful is tough.


I'm gonna miss so much, guys. I'm gonna miss this place so much.

What an end for the end.

Before I forget, is the rectangle in the middle right of chapter 25, page 8 supposed to be blank? It doesn't seem to be missing any important information if it is, but that was my first thought when I read the chapter.

My Senpai Can't Be This Bold


Farewell, Eda, Megumi and Batoto!

Wow I didn't expect her to actually kiss him. Good going author!! Showing some actual grit, except leaving it at will they won't they. 

And there it goes. Sad to see it go, wished it would've run longer. Shit taste, Japan. Shit taste.

Last chapter... God, I want a sequel.

Goodbye senpai I'll miss your legs, goodbye batoto I'll miss your community spirit

Probably one of the better axed endings to a manga I've seen in a while, or at all. Would buy if it came out in English. (IE I'm not holding my breath for it.)

Ah,what a satisfying ending. And just in time to Farewell Batoto too. 


See you all in some other place.

Wow...this the boldest heroine I've ever seen.

There's no need to say 'daisuki' and just go straight for the lips.


I love how it ended like this, it's just...lovely.

there was so much fucking build up in this chapter, if they didn't kiss i wouldn't be able to sleep


nice ending, really hoped there would be more chapters but oh well, every manga related thing i love is dying ;_;

Wish it lasted a lot longer, but top-tier ending chapter right there. Fantastic place to leave off.

Perfect time to end to, before the end of Bato.to.

So many good things has to end lately, I hope we can see more of this mangaka's work in the future mmm...

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