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Komomo Confiserie

Alt Names: alt こももコンフィズリーalt 胡桃的糖果
Author: Minami Maki
Artist: Minami Maki
Genres: Comedy ComedyCooking CookingDrama DramaRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Komomo is a spoilt princess who enjoys bossing her servants around. She has taken a particular liking to Natsu, the son of her family's favourite patissier; so the poor boy has to endure every one of her whims until his family moves away to France.
Years later, Komomo's family has lost their social standing, and the inexperienced girl is left in the care of strangers. Around the same time, Natsu returns to Japan as an acclaimed patissier. How will their paths cross after their lives and positions have changed so much?
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Yesterday there was an announcement on Shojo Beat official Facebook, they are licensed Komomo Confiserie. I am actually quite excited about it since Minami-sensei is becoming even more popular! And of course, we’ll be dropping immediately, though we’ll try to write summaries about it instead for those interested of how this story ends.


The first volume will be released in September of next year.  So don’t forget the get your own copy, okay? I know I will! ;)

She has the best facial expressions I've seen from a heroine in a long time, gives off such character. Esspecially in those big eyebrows. It's the part of the body that conveys emotion the most.

Down at the end of the chapter, where she says "I love it"--you just know it's that so-ambiguous Japanese "Suki!" which could be referring to anything.  I see manga use that trick over and over but it never gets old for me, that emotional impact when someone says it and it feels to the recipient (even if they know better) like they're saying "I love you".

The story itself isn't that bad, but I just really don't like the characters (aside from Natsu, who's a boss). They're so hard to relate to, since they're all rich, and their personalities are horribly twisted. Nothing is really realistic about them and their attitudes just piss me off, with a bunch of holier than thou stuff being spewed out every other chapter. Don't get me wrong, this manga has its merits, but it's sad how lackluster these characters are.



Best part

It makes me laugh everytime XD


Oh, and I love the new changes, it seems like it got an HD upgrade or something o.o or is it just my eyes?

minami maki knows how to make the absolute most loveable heroines, im loving watching komomo grow into such an awesome young lady no matter the plot twists thrown at her
Nonono, you have the wrong idea. Komomo isn't in love with Natsu, she's in love with with his confections! (lol, so not true) anyways, I feel like Mitsuru has the look of a guy who's heart got struck with Cupid's arrow on seeing Komomo's look



We did some changes in the edition style, we hope you guys like it. <3

Conspiracies, rivals, dumb broads...

Can't a man have his cake in peace?

New Characters: "Ahahaah, Here have a taste of pain!"

Komomo: "Nope, Fuck you that's why"

New Characters: "...k" *flies home*

AHHHH yes another rival; I'm actually not opposing this cycle of rivals for Natsu-- thanks for the update!!

Natsu, I swear to god if you play the passive guy in this situation I will forcefully convert you into and Eunuch...

You better damn tell that fooligan that Komomo ain't on the market cause she's with you!
Thanks for the new chapter!!!

I'm so happy that the author decided to develop Komomo's character into a badass at a brisk pace instead of 40+ chapters of Natsu's hard-tsun abuse.

By some extraordinary twist of fate, I happened to be listening to Mozart's Lacrimosa when they sang Lacrimosa in the manga. I mean, what are the chances?

i can't wait to see what happens next chapter!!! I! am! so excited!



Glad you do because it's ready too.... But I can't upload it right now due some technical problems... orz


I'll probably be up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

i can't wait to see what happens next chapter!!! I! am! so excited!



Komomo is a queen <3 On another note, uh oh!


Komomo was born a natual Queen.


She has the personality for it, and she isn't afraid to use it.


I vote Komomo for empress of the world.



BTW, for that 3rd person talks.

It's actually quite common, it basically symbolizes a person as of higher rank in society.

In history, a lot of high rank nobles used to do this.


It's the same as when a person address themselves as "WE" or "US" instead of "ME"

Komomo, you are an absolute queen. I love it <3

komomo is truly the cutest ever. long live the adorable komomo  ● * ●)7



Satsuki-sama would be proud of that expression and those eyebrows.

I really hate Noelle! She's such a cow!


Don't insult cows! They are such peaceful and useful livestock. They are are completely different from Noelle. Since she isn't very useful she is not even livestock but has more of a pet. So maybe a pet-rat fits her better.

Komomo-sama seems a little airheaded at first, but gradually finding out that she's actually super-cool is one of my favorite things about this series. The characters may not be particularly complicated, but it really feels like the author loves them a lot.

I though she was going to slap that bitch!

Komomo looks like she's about to execute a bitch 

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