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Kokodake no Himitsu

Alt Names: alt ここだけの秘密
Author: Iwamoto Naoki
Artist: Iwamoto Naoki
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyFantasy FantasyHorror HorrorOneshot OneshotRomance RomanceShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
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can't agree, I'm glad Magico wasn't like One Piece in its pacing; I hate reading chapter after chapter of the same arc. It puts me off many shounen manga. 


Same with this one, and besides, it's just a one-shot. Not a whole lot can be done with that.


Man I really like this author's works though.

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Ok... mangaka of magico... trap... head split... not bad :D 


Still, even if it gets serialized if the author doesn't get better at pacing it'll be axed soon... 

Well put, OhGodWhy. One of Magico's foremost problems was its pacing - it completely lacked any buildup or suspense. A shame, because it was otherwise quite a good series.

Another interesting manga from the author though I'm quite sceptical in it getting serialised - why? Because it's too similar to Magico in terms of execution.

Personally, I think Magico got axed because of a very fundamental problem and that is it's too convoluted. The author tries to pack too much in each chapter, which makes the flow of the manga too quick.

What we see as a result is that arcs last about 3 chapters (which is quite unconventional in most mangas similar to this), leading to the author having to find new ideas to keep the readers interested - which was met with disapproval as more new and crazy settings keep getting introduced and thrown away all too quickly. The author can really learn from mangas like Toriko and One Piece, which follows the concept of introducing a new island or area and spending about 20-30 chapters on each one.

Even if this gets serialised, I don't think the author realise what went wrong with Magico and is going down the same path with this manga - which would lead to, once again, an early axe to a brilliant series.

Wow, trap:


It's actually a good read. I thought that Kuro was a female at first though :rofl:
I can see this getting serialized, they could do something about the snot and the way his head splits though :rofl:

I think it'll probably be serialized, but I don't know how long it will last. Magico was the same way. The concept is good, but if the mangaka isn't careful, it'll get axed.

Pretty great read, I just hope he starts a new series soon whether it be this or something else.

Please tell me that this will become a series?

my first reaction:

... THAT'S A GUY?!!!!

As expected of the person who made magico, funny story, bizarre characters, and what the f*** moments on every page.

It turns out to be a trap!

thanks Red Hawk, I was looking forward to read this


But... the story kinda sucked ): The characters are shallow and... everything was reaaaally cliched.


Naoki disappointed me ):

Nice history, a bit creepy....but nice!

*Peeks at the front cover preview on the frontpage

"This looks fairly familiar"

*opens this page


*Proceeds reading the oneshot

pretty cutesy art

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