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Kiss yori mo Hayaku

Alt Names: alt キスよりも早くalt Faster Than a Kissalt Kisu Yori mo Hayaku
Author: TANAKA Meca
Artist: TANAKA Meca
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: After losing their parents, Fumino and her brother hop from one relative to another. Getting tired of all those moves, she finally decides to quit school and work to support her brother on her own. As they sat on a park bench, her teacher appears in front of her and agrees to her demands of marrying and supporting both her and her brother!! Is he serious or just playing around...?!


> June's Lily Bravado
( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/junes-lily-bravado-r12029 )
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Finito di leggere!!!! Che dire, uno dei manga più belli tradotto a mio avviso! Ha davvero tutto! Grazie per averlo ultimato (๑>◡<๑)

Potete leggere i capitolo 46&47 su Mangaeden :)

Mangaeden è inutilizzabile, ti reindirizza continuamente in pagine di dubbia utilità (T_T)
Grazie per tutto il lavoro fatto ragazzi . Dopo due anni finalmente ho potuto leggere la frase:e vissero felici e contenti!

ciao volevo dire che manca il capitolo 55. potete fare qualcosa?

anche il 55?

Potete leggere i capitolo 46&47 su Mangaeden :)


scusate e i capitoli 46 e 47?

scusate e i capitoli 46 e 47?

Guys, there's a spin-off one-shot about Teppei 10 years later. Guys! *eternal sobs*

where???? link!!!

Guys, there's a spin-off one-shot about Teppei 10 years later. Guys! *eternal sobs*

It a nice unique story girl was bind to main character on the first try.

Why's his brother not in the final picture

While I kinda liked this series, it really drags halfway through it. And there's little development to their relationship and characters as well.


However, what really bugged about it up to very end is



I expected so much more. Teppei was the main reason I followed this all the way to the end.

bellissimo questo manga! non vedo l'ora di leggere il seguito :D
Well, in the beggining I really loved this manga, it was funny and I liked the characters. It might be that I was reading it so spaced out for such a long time but eventually I felt like I was only really reading it to find out what happens to them at the end.

I do think it was good though, I may have overestimated how great it was when I first started. It's better than the average manga, I liked the characters (especially Teppei) and it was pretty funny. The ending had me tearing up a bit too :')
damn, he is gonna tear that up.

pretty good ending.
I'm more excited for the volume release. There would probably be extra scenes or an omake epilogue that chronicles their later married life.

Here's to hoping for Babies Ever After and Delinquent Teppei!
omg! omg! omg! the final chapter!!!
kissus! makia! besitos!!
Well, well. Final chapter. No longer faster, it's finally exactly the same speed as a kiss.
That was a good finale. Sweet, heartwarming, some nice ensemble moments but lots of good touching one-on-one sealing the romance. Makes me glad I followed to the end.
I think it was a bit rushed though, the ending and all :3 Though it's cute~
my favorite character in this manga is Teppei
This was a good read, I agree that there wasn't much development between the two but I guess the author is leaving that to our imagination.

I hoped to see more of the Sensei's delinquent and assertive side and his back story but guess that's another story.
I cried so much in the end!!! So cute!!!!!!!!!
i wanna read it again! >.< no waiting for more chapters this time ^.<
I have been following this manga since it had about 3 chapters. As for the ending:

Overall, I say this is a good manga that is definitely worth reading.

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