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Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai

Alt Names: alt 霧籠姫と魔法使いalt The Magician And The Princess of The Mist Cagealt The Mist Cage Princess & The Wizardalt The Princess of The Mist Cage And The Magician
Author: Nesumi Chisato
Artist: Nesumi Chisato
Genres: Comedy ComedyFantasy FantasyRomance RomanceSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Due to an unfortunate accident involving a cat and a frying pan, the grumpy and socially awkward magician, Nebelhaut, is forced to venture into the city. There, he finds himself rescuing an abused fairy from a travelling circus. Who is this beautiful creature, and what does Nebelhaut hope to achieve from taking her?
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Topic ??????????????? That's it? New Window KanameFujiwara
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Oh, wow, such a simple and beautiful story <3 (And the beauty isn't just in the art, either)

Im so glad this had more chapters. i read the oneshot? a long time ago amd decided to revisit it
And now im crying from the diabetus <333
-clutches heart-
Sti is too cute. 10/10 would protect that smile.

that said. im so glad this hidden gem was wrapped up so nicely. pretty niche mangas like this have a tendency to be flat out dropped.
That was a very good story. My only dissatisfaction was with the scanlators' use of "beau".
Grazie per i nuovi capito capitoli *_*

Aaaand the 'random' button makes my day happy again!


Great read.

It was so cute~ :3

Chapter 0 is a trap, should be removed !!

Sweet story, big thankie to the team :)

Very sweetly concluded.  Thank you, Mad Hatter Scans.

Thanks for the chapter, the ending is good but the manga is too short ^^

Nice. good ending.

Nice! Thanks a ton for the update!!

Nay, that was not the end!  It's back!  Hurrah for a lovely ending.


Finale? A sad one :(

Oh my... why do main characters always do this? Don't they realize them trying to be heroic never really works toward making the other person happy?


Thanks for the update!

An ACTUAL series finale upcoming?
Oh, also, D:

This is getting better, which was rare in this kind of genre. And it comes with great dialogues, which again, even more rare for the genre.


"To lighten the mood..." that pun lmao

The fairy is so cute, no wonder he wants her in his collection ^^

Finally an update!! So cute!! >.<

This is so...adorable. X_x

o_O pretty.

But dark undertones?

Thanks for the update! I love the art, it's so whimsical

Howl's Moving Castle with a fairy?

i want fluffy fluffy pan~pancakes

Is it end already? Or they haven't finished translating it?

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