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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Alt Names: alt 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!alt 家庭教师 REBORN !alt ครูพิเศษจอมป่วน รีบอร์น!alt 가정교사 히트맨 리본!alt Hitman Reborn!alt Home Tutor Hitman Reborn!alt Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!alt Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!alt Katekyou Hitman Reborn!alt KHR!alt Reborn!alt ريبورن!
Author: AMANO Akira
Artist: AMANO Akira
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyDrama DramaMartial Arts Martial ArtsSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Tsuna comes home one day, only to be greeted by a little baby mafioso who apparently is his new home tutor. His job is to guide Tsuna into his role as the 10th Boss of the Vongola mafia family. With the help of all his new friends and an array of special items such as the "Dying Will Bullet", he might just be able to do it.
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Loved KHR it was the first fansub i ever watched and one of the first manga i ever worked on. I didnt like the ending either but it bombed in the rsankings and was cancled so thus the speedy conclusion.

Geez.  There's a whole lotta hate on this one, apparently?  I mean I guess I can see where it's coming from, but I don't think it deserves nearly what's in the comments here.  In the first place it's meant for a lower maturity bracket than I think people are judging it by.  It's innocent enough and has some good humor for younger viewers.  It even has some really awesome moments. 


Insert short defense for the story



If you're deciding whether to read of not, the go for it.  You'll find something to enjoy.  Just keep in mind.


A)  It's meant for younger audiences.  That should be apparent from the first chapter.  It matures sporadically, but don't go looking for a challenging piece.


B ) After a third of the way through it really becomes a tournament series with typical shounen power-ups.  If that's not your thing then it's gonna get tedious after a while.  Still, it's solid up through the first real tournament, at around chapter 136.  So plenty of material to read before then.


C) After the Varia arc, at around chapter 136, prepare to turn your brain off and coast for a while.  The next arc is looong and doesn't make a lot of sense if you take it seriously.  The story gets better again on the next arc, chapter 283.

There are missing chapters
I went back to retread this and I have no idea why I liked it so much :/

Too bad, horrible ending.

I don't like this end. The manga was some pseudo-dbz with escalating power-ups that stopped making sense to me at some point.


And finally when you think tsuna accepts the responsibility along with the powers he gets, he still refused the post as vongola x.


instead for a lot of colorpages that have every character, I'd rather have some proper conclusion.


Also click spoiler for awesome joke:


great story terrible character development/progression.
Yeah, if normal tsuna had slowly transformed into dying will tsuna the manga would have been able to keep going, but no the author had to just keep him the exact same as when we first read. Hell look at Dragonball Z it is basically a fighting tournament with a huge power increase every time, but it was kept interesting by interesting characters constantly growing and changing and not just their Deus Ex Machina powers increasing every time they reach a new roadblock like tsuna.
even though the last arc wasn't as good as it could of been, I still remember the great times reading this manga indoors on hot summer holiday years ago... so sad now :'(
Oh, that feeling of disappointment welling up when you finish a manga that ended badly. And the feeling of anguish when you know it could be so much more. Not to mention the sadness that you won't see it anymore. That about sums it up.
Way too many tournament arcs and not enough character development arcs. Tsuna is still a pussy. Still doesn't want to be mob boss and still whines about it over and over. Still hasn't confessed. Reborn still was small. How the hell this wasn't tanked a long time ago will remain a mystery.

Also don't count on a part two happening because the mangaka has already started working on a new series.
Reading 409 I didn't think much of it until I got to the last few pages. My heart sank...the feeling of satisfaction was achieved but not completed. Until Tsuna becomes entirely convicted to being a someone (the 10th, Neo Vongola, a boyfried, or something else), this manga could've continued. It's a shame that others wont have their endings told (Poison cooker, Ipin, Futa, and many others- especially Lambo), but there is always hope for afterwards (or at least doujinshis').
Sigh... Well I wasn't really expecting anything from this manga from a few arcs ago. Tsuna just had a new power up each arc, and ended up piling powers upon powers. He really didn't change anything and each arc seemed pointless.

I really agree with Empusa in that I also was looking for some character development.
I just can't get over how disappointing it is 8[
Although this manga has been going downhill the last few arcs (IMHO), it still remained among my favorites.
I always expect character development in a manga. Honestly, character development is important!!! Yet so many mangakas sully it. I expected Tsuna to slowly and steadily accept his role as the 10th Vongola boss. And at a few points he actually seemed to do it. But this ending is just... Wow O_O I ask myself: Did he learn anything at all? What was it all for?
And I wanted to see (for example) the reasons behind Hibari and his fighting prowess, fear of crowds etc. But in the end he was just a badass asshole with no depth at all. And it's the same with almost all of the characters. They have no depth, no development, no nothing.
It's such a shame, because Katekyo Hitman Reborn really has an interesting set of characters with interesting traits and personalities. Good humor too! I really wish that there'd been a better conclusion to this manga.
Oh, well. I look forward to her new manga project.
Rushed......................................................................Posted Image,
409 chapters for that? At some point I've got to laugh at my disappointment. Hah...
Not only ended how it started, it ended with several things still whiteout answer like, the Cervello, the Seven Flames of Earth(which we only know six of them), the Shimon rings, Tsuna becoming Vongola 10th, Lal and Colonello wedding, it appears it ended a bit rushed.
The manga pretty much ended just like how it started ._.
This manga is so horrendous. No idea why I still read it.

Retarded Deus ex machina @ Chapter 405.
Ah, that decided the outcome of this. Final arc. Kinda wish there was more of adult arcoblano scenes, but it was good overall.
Bermuda look like a a retarded teddy bear.
Headshot. Enough said.
Biggest twist so far in my opinion. Only thing more suprising is if they ended the entire series with a dance.(anyone who gets the reference I applaud you)
he doesn't even look human(bermuda that is) ahahahahahahah
he looks like an alien who tried to turn human(like Michael Jackson without the whole I "love" children thing)

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