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Kare no 1-Ban ni Naru Houhou

Alt Names: alt 彼の1番になる方法alt How to be his number 1alt Kare no 1 Ban ni Naru Houhoualt Kare no 1Ban ni Naru Houhoualt Kare no Ichibanan ni Naru Houhou
Author: Odawara Mizue
Artist: Odawara Mizue
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Chiaki had to suddenly transfer from Tokyo to a secluded village in the countryside, because of her father's job transfer. Though longing to go back to Tokyo, in her new school she met Miya, whom she initially hated, but as time went by the feelings of hate changed to love. Now, while using her own skills, and competing with the other girls that stick to Miya, she will try to win his love. "I want to be his No.1."
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...I feel like the real dramatic tension of this story isn't whether or not the heroine will get the guy, but whether or not she'll get him before he acquires a bunch of veneral diseases.
2.5 years later and the 2nd chapter comes out from same group who did 1st chapter. i am kinda amazed by that.
"With my skill that is different from the others girl, I will try to get Miya's love...."

Getting Miya's love doesn't really seem to be an issue here. Keeping everyone else from also getting Miya's love is going to be the real problem.
In my new school I met a guy who is really popular between the girls. At first, I hated him, but as time goes on, I began to like him.

That summary could probably be used for 85% of most shoujo out there. Well and the story too. Nice originality you got there mangaka......

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