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Kanojo o Mamoru 51 no Houhou

Alt Names: alt 51 Ways to Save Girlfriendalt 守護她的51種方法alt 彼女を守る51の方法alt Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhoualt Kız Arkadaşımı Kurtarmanın 51 Yolu
Author: Furuya Usamaru
Artist: Furuya Usamaru
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceSeinen SeinenTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: February 23rd, 20XX.
Looking for a job in the famous TV station at Odaiba, college senior Jin Mishima attended the recruitment orientation. Not far away from the station, Nanako Okano, a gothic lolita trying to attend a concert, found out that her friends tricked her about the concert ticket because of jealousy. The two bumped into each other and "reunited" -- they were junior high classmates -- moments before an earthquake of Richter Scale 8.1 turned the island (the entire city, in fact) into ruins.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Topic Scumbag mangaka [SPOILER] New Window Richard
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I'm glad everything was neatly tied up in the end... :)

I forgot I even read this. Might give it another go.

Is it just me..... that think the drawing kinda suck?

It's just you.

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I originally wrote an ending chapter wrap a few years ago (Nearly 3 now). My emotions back then were a fair bit higher as I was still working through the whole survivor guilt and the influences I felt during the earthquake, tsunami, and clean up. It's about time I revisited this manga and actually examined it. What follows if a bit of a picking apart of later chapters and gets Japan level political. 
Be warned...


That all being said, I still think this is a great manga. It's great enough that I will occasionally reread it. I'm just disappointed that it won't be coming out in the states any time soon.

An interesting manga that questions humanity during disaster, and the characters are great. Recommended read if you come across this randomly.

lol, I've always thought this was some kind of far out comedy manga。。。

2 chapters short!

I love this story still. But it bothers me that there are 49 chapters and not 51 :(

Although some parts were gratuitous, I don't think I will ever forget the angel that stands in Odaiba. After years I still remember this manga.


There is just something about life that we miss, and the people that we ignore.

The rape parade was absolutely ridiculous.
Lot's of rape.

Is it just me..... that think the drawing kinda suck?

Hm, I'm not sure what to say about the ending. I think it was great for everyone BUT the two main characters. Every minor character was portrayed to have the ultimate good ending whereas the MC spent more time with his sister in the last chapter then he did his girlfriend. GREAT manga, though. It's like a watered down version of 'Cage of Eden' and 'Cradle of Monsters'. If you liked this manga, read those immediately.

That's a good manga, the type you must always expect the worse to happen... But the ending is happy and satisfying, so it's a totally worth read.

feel like this needs a psychological tag

I feel the manga was well written and gave me much food for thought (eg. Human conduct and integrity/morality in an environment with no structure). I am also grateful the author was easy on us; it could have been much worse. Reading this manga didn't make me feel like committing suicide (unlike some other mangas :s) ...Honestly, it could have been much more painful (not saying it should be though). I am glad the author was able to voice so many issues without being too cruel.

I felt there were some unrealistic parts though. The way certain tense situations were solved were pretty unlikely (like the scenes in the climax and last few chapters I feel reality would be much harsher (which is why i think the author went easy on us). At least it gave me hope

After reading the end, i was like

<- love this kind of "disaster- manga"

Good manga overall and the ending is pretty relaxing.

And has also some kind of message and criticism towards the earthquake safety etc


But i find these stories very depressing.

The story is fictional of course, but there are tragic disasters everywhere around the world all the time. Just take the building that collapsed in bangladesh... 1000 casualties. Or a earthquake in china 2008 50000 casualties. Or even in japan the tsunami with i belive over 10000 dead.


Tragedys happen so often, and its just horror to even imagine what the people there are going through.


And the rape thing also sucks. I mean the mange did only show a glimpse and for the protagonists it was a happy ending. In reality rape also happens too frickin often, india china etc, even in japan europe . And they very often result in suicide and shitty lifes afterwards.


I´m a hypocrite now, but i very often think that it would have been best for everyone that humanity didn´t exist. Because a very large amount of humans are just ignorant retarded assholes who bring pain to the innocent ones.

Also the amount of humans on earth is to big. And we destroy nature etc...


I feel a bit like jin, who sees the eyes of the suffering starring at him.


Without humantiy there would be just a green planet with animals.

No tragedys no nothing.


Im so emo and hypocritical  :( Don´t mind this post


I need some happy mangas next

Hooked till the very end. Really good manga.

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Great Until the end !

Overall I really enjoyed it.



i agree with you, it's like the author wanted to show everything that could happen in a calamity, but since it all happened with the main characters it just felt overly stupid.

Overall I really enjoyed it.



@Mephyre Lets Lagoon
unexpectedly has a good ending, which i'll gladly see any day xD
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