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Kakukaku Shikajika

Alt Names: alt かくかくしかじかalt So-and-so, Such-and-such
Author: Higashimura Akiko
Artist: Higashimura Akiko
Genres: Award Winning Award WinningDrama DramaJosei JoseiSchool Life School LifeSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: This is an autobiography that tells the story of Akiko Hayashi, the author as she was in her third year of high school at the beginning of the story. Through her friend Futami, Akiko starts going to an art class led by Kenzou Hidaka, an intimidating teacher who spends much of his time yelling at his students and keeping them focused on drawing with the use of a bamboo sword. Akiko is initially confused by the behavior of the teacher and her fellow students in the class, but she keeps going regardless, eventually becoming the manga author she is today.

Winner of the 2015 Manga Taisho Award.
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8 pages in and I immediately knew it was gonna be good because I've read kuragehime. 34 chapters later, I was right but damn. This is so sad. But also funny. Ugh. So good.

This made me want to draw again.

what a relief i decided to marathon this manga, this sensei remind me of my teacher from vocational school and memory of the taste of a slap

The part where Ima-chan talks about Sensei showing up to his exhibition and reminding him to "just draw" had me sobbing. Amazing work.

same here, same here! my eyes are all watery now, but it was beautiful :')

The part where Ima-chan talks about Sensei showing up to his exhibition and reminding him to "just draw" had me sobbing. Amazing work.




this one is one of a good manga out there...god damn...i-i-i'm not crying at all...!!!i'm not...believe me...T^T

One of those mangas that is so skillfully crafted and realized that you totally lose yourself in. Its surreal in a way, because the MC does make some bad, selfish choices and you wince and cringe reading it remembering maybe when you were just doing your own thing and let someone down who never ever judged you for it. Very melancholy read up until that last few chapters when you realize what a special existence Sensei is in a world where being aimless is cool and being driven is lame.


Also, the time machine scene was one of my favorites in this series :D Read this. The 34 chapters go by faster than you realize.

I can't really type anything atm being overwhelmed and all but I feel the need to express how much I loved to read this. Read the manga.

Once in a while, you come across a work that really stays with you long after you've finished reading it. This is one such manga. Such a poignant and bittersweet tale.


I didn't cry.

I didn't.


I totally didn't.

I thought I would manage to not cry and I failed miserably because a certain page in chapter 33, I didn't see that coming :,( It's a really meaningful story, I hesitated before reading it but I don't regret doing it.

Touching story...


but I still can't get over the fact that she made the same mistake ... 3 times.




Very moving work and very different from the average manga, really sad and bittersweet and full of memories and regrets.


Higashimura Akiko is just too cruel.


How can you publish such a heartfelt touching manga.

reading two last chapter while listening to new Sufjan stevens album is not good for my eyes

it's so sad and full of regret, but that's what human are


thank you Higashimura for sharing your story with us and also thanks to hachimitsu scans for bring this series to us

Too many stabs to the heart.

Thanks very much for all the work Hachimitsu Scans!

Fine, I won't do it to this manga.

I just did it because I knew the meaning and thought it might give readers an insight into it.

So there!


Onomatopoeia don't really make sense if directly translated to English without any deepexplanation. It's a good material for forum discussion though.

My vision right now is so blurry. T_T


It is truly a beautiful and moving manga. It makes you reflect on many aspects of our attitudes toward life and hardship, at least I do. It is a manga I hold dear to my heart. T^T

I think I can admit to crying without phrasing it in a cute way.

Wonderful series from start to finish. Thanks for uploading!

Such great manga, so full of regret ... :'(

It is funny how she often defines herself as an adult now and thus considers her old self as a child.

Moreover it is interesting to note that the moments she ignored sensei were times of her life where she was pretty happy (during her college day and when she lived in Osaka). She was maybe too self-absorbed and ashamed to face him at that time.

So sad.  This is very much about repentance and penance.

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