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Kabu no Isaki

Alt Names: alt 井崎的飞机alt 伊佐木的飞机alt カブのイサキalt Isaki of the Cub
Author: Ashinano Hitoshi
Artist: Ashinano Hitoshi
Genres: Adventure AdventurePsychological PsychologicalSci-fi Sci-fiSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Living in the boonies, one must give great consideration to how they will get around when they turn 16. Isaki has just turned 16 and his choice of transportation is his neighbor's Piper Cub. It might be old, but it flies well. One day he decides to fly over the 2,000m-high Ogusu mountain range to see the tower his neighbor is always talking about. But for some reason his plane feels too heavy and is using fuel faster than planned. Will he make it to the airport or crash in the bushes? And just what was making the plane feel so heavy?

Originally a one-shot, but became a regular feature in Afternoon due to its popularity.
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Chapter 9: wouldn't the impact have torqued the aircraft upward and damage the airframe?

The ending was so sad. In the end he didn't remain after the 45 seconds, at least that's my guess. I loved this manga and I guess I expected the ending to turnout something like this, but I really hoped that he could somehow stay.

While i enjoyed the ride immensely, i am very not satisfied with how it ended, god dammit, i can't stand it when they do it phoenix style... 

OK I'm reading through and I get this unworthy niggling feeling that Shiro finances her quiet lifestyle and shop by running drugs on the side. ;)  She'll never tell the kids 'cause they'd be shocked, but actually some of the packages they drop off have LSD in them or something.  'Cause frankly, lots of the errands they run in that cute li'l plane wouldn't pay for the fuel to get back and forth.

For some reason, this imagined subtext in no way reduces my enjoyment of the series.

argh! what exactly is the 10x bigger world?

To be completely honest, I was preparing for this kind of ending as soon as weird stuff started happening in chapter 46 and Shiro-san started saying cryptic things in chapter 47... but jeez, I just wish the last chapter could have been a little longer, thrown a few more hints our way, you know? u_u

Oh well... I would have been sad no matter how it ended, given it's a work by Ashinano-sensei, so all's that ends well, hm?

Big thanks to all the scanlators that worked on this, I really enjoyed it.

so this got canceled before it was supposed to end right?

i can't imagine how else this ending could have happened

Well, I loved it.  The ending was not what I expected, but I really enjoyed the whole experience, almost as much as I did YKK.  Thanks Roselia and thanks Ashinano Sensei.  Great job, and looking forward to the next manga.

My personal interpretation of the ending is that Isaki is about to start singing Bohemian Rhapsody...

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide (no escape from reality)
Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see
I'm just a poor boy, (poor boy) I need no sympathy
Because I'm easy come, easy go, little high, little low
Any way the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me...

what just happen??????? argghhh!!

Ending: -_-

Hell yeah, I enjoyed the ride :)

Same here. Thanks to Roselia and everyone who worked on this wonderful manga; It made the bad days a little better.

It was all a dream.



that was the strangest and confusing ending to a manga I've ever read, but all in all it was a good story.

I don't know, IO has a pretty poor ending.


Well, it's over. Did you enjoy the ride?



Roselia Scans



First at all thanks a lot Roselia for all the good work. Sure I enjoyed the ride. The firsts volumes were absolutely great. But the add my comment to the pile of complains, the end is not good to me, as it happened with the end of vol 5. Both were kind of cryptic, and I couldn't go beyond the magnificent metaphors and poetic images already portrayed in a much more simple and clear way in Vols 1 - 4. The analogy between a motorbike and a plane, and the idea that both are metaphors of freedom were already beautifully presented not only before this ending chapter but also in YKK. So I kinda feel that the author was out of resources in the end of his story and was just repeating himself. 


Much more if he left us with questions that won't be answered, at least that I have missed something in the previous chapters that explained, but: How is it that Isaki didn't recognise Shirosan? Was all the story just a dream? And what's the deal with that bottle? Is it that Shirosan was a witch and stole Isaki's memories in the previous chapter? I feel I have to reread the last 2 volumes to make the most of them, but right now honestly I don't understand this end. 


Even so this story, and particularly Shirosan, just gave joy and so delightful moments. With out a single doubt about it, Hitoshi Ashinano is one of the greatest artist ever in the manga world. 

For those confused by the ending, I'll attempt an explanation. It's not necessarily the definitive one, just my own take on it, based off hints.



Its kinda depressing to see this end, especially when it launches more questions than answers at the very end. I look forward to their next work though.

So confused!

that was the strangest and confusing ending to a manga I've ever read, but all in all it was a good story.

I honestly have no idea what that ending is supposed to be about. All I know is that I'm feeling pretty confused and letdown by it.


All the same, thanks Roselia Scans and KC for getting the job done.

Hell yeah, I enjoyed the ride :)


Thanks for the release! Going to miss this manga.

the fuck was that

Well, it's over. Did you enjoy the ride?



Roselia Scans

man wtf is going on?

that bottle is mysterious scared.gif

guys, i'm scared.  hold me

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