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Hoshi no Furu Machi

Alt Names: alt ほしのふるまちalt The Town the Stars Fall Uponalt 星星的故鄉
Author: Hara Hidenori
Artist: Hara Hidenori
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: "The stars that don't shine in Tokyo surely do shine in a different town..."

TSUTSUMI Koutarou, who couldn't be a senior at a college-oriented high school in Tokyo, moves into Himi City, Toyama Prefecture with his relatives and spends one school year there.

"I wouldn't be able to shine for the rest of my life..."

He's hurt, and depressed.
However, his encounter with a girl named Nagisa changes his "tomorrow" little by little.

Now, HARA Hidenori begins "the sweetest 'starting-over' love story in the world"...
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Great story and ending, sadly it only ever works in fiction. In real life no one's gonna wait 6 years for you but I guess thats what makes it interesting to read for a story...

It could have been a lot better. I just couldn't connect with the character: the MC being really weak-willed for most of the series and also a bit douchy when dealing with the second girl, while the main female character was really unlikable at moments. And they didn't get that much development. There were also some poor played tropes thrown here and there.

Another great work of his..

Well, I just read it again, and it was just as great a journey as the first time.  Great manga, great story, fantastic characters; my only recommendation is that I'll gladly read anything Hara Hidenori writes.

Pretty good, but that ending left me wanting so badly... 

Wow, what a great marathon read.
I've read this and Densha Otoko and I'd recommend that as well because this mangaka's art style is cool haha.
I particularly loved the ending of this one because I prefer bittersweet endings over fairytale ones. 5/5

I feel like this song fits the beginning of this manga perfectly

except replace the "he" with "she"

I just noticed that this author did the most popular version of Train Man. Train Man = precessor of Molester Man

So good
wow i'm dropping the MC said that he started a fight to protect the guy who almost rape nagisa.This is way too stupid
I really enjoy the story (seeing how i should be studying n doing my homework instead of reading the last two vol. >.<) anyway hoped the ending was going to be different like him passing and being happy w/ Ichinose or something but a accident occur and he chose to support his family. I guess that life sometime and can accept this ending though i would have been very happy if there was an extra chapter w/ him being a teacher being together her. I can hope i least :)
I think the great thing about the ending is that Tsutsumi, after winning his father over (sort of, strings definitely attached) to his own wishes for his future, chooses duty freely instead of how he had been forced into it before. Then, having done his duty, as he saw it, he returned to his plan for the future. Very mature, and definitely not shounen. It makes me think of the mc in one of my other favorites, Sakamichi no Apollon. It has the same kind of feeling, depth, and believability about normal people probing their own limits, doing their best. It's as though Tsutsumi learned a principle one of my Commanding Officers once told me, "Do what's right, and do your best. Nothing else matters." He figured that he had to support his family, even though they were not ideal parents for a sensitive young man, and he did it. He also didn't abandon his own dream of his future. It sure worked out more realistically than the standard "in a moment in time, all the dominoes fell into place perfectly, and everything is settled to the great satisfaction of all the main characters' desires." I liked the ending (although I definitely would have kept in some kind of communication with Nagisa!).
It was a good read. good job by the author.

im glad it didn't get stretched out like a few other coming of age stories...
Another good history ends *sniff*
Thanks Viscans
working on english subs for the movie??? wow, that'd be an awesome thing.
We might be working on it....
@ falconbane

This was recently made into a live action major motion picture in Japan. I still haven't seen it with english subs though.
I would have been happier if Tsutsumi-kun had wanted to become a fireman. That and if Masaki took Ichinose away from him so he could have found a better girl. Maybe one he saved from a burning building. :D /me hides under a rock
Thanks a lot VIS!

As for the unnecessary hate on the ending, this can be a cultural/age gap thing. Expected this sort of ending coming since it was literally part of the title ("tender flashback" on top of the Stars). The entire piece can be seen as an allegory of the title, taken from the decades of literary works prior. This would be lost on most western audience, especially the younger mainstream ones.

This was packed to the brim with nostalgia, down to the sepia tone style at the beginning and end (the oval picture with the sea on the left and sand/seawall on the right), it tug at the heartstrings of people who experienced similar things in their lives. Things like this would be lost on most of the younger western generation, where friends with benefits, casual bonds, etc... are more common. I guess a similar version of it would be letting a kid read the first edition LOTR and hating it cause most of the words and meanings are lost on them. To make it worse, the author (deliberately or not) set it up that it wouldn't be weird for this to be published in the 70/80's as a futurist love-story (cell-phone). This would've been easily made into a drama a decade or so ago, hell, I wouldn't be surprised if this is going to be made into a low-budget one for the housewives' hour(s) :P
Wow, that was quite the roller coaster. I would personally call that a somewhat bittersweet ending. One that ends on a positive note but still leaves an empty feeling inside you. It's not bad per se, but I guess it does fit in line with the general tone of the story. All in all though, I enjoyed reading this manga and I thank VIScans as well as HnG for all the hard work they put into it. I certainly appreciated it greatly. :)
Leaves you with quite an empty feeling but still, good read though. Thanks to all who worked on this manga especially VIS. Keep doing what you're doing and that is being awesome!
Great read. Although it would have been great to embelished on those 6 missing years some more instead of the quick and easy way out.

90% of mangas have the story ends right after highschool, which is a shame. There's more to life than highschool. More trials, tribulations, and turns too. I am sure a lot of us can write a story of our own from getting out of highschool alone.

It was a great, great story. The ending? Well, seinen stories like this just aren't always the pat, formulated, all loose ends tied up endings you get in shounen and shoujo.

Thanks VIScans.
Gah, glad it's over. Neither of the girls ever sparked any warmth, Tsutsumi was a punching bag and a doormat for pretty much the entire series, and at the end actually managed to make me view him as a douchebag as well, which is kind of a big achievement.

Big thanks to VIS. While the story irritated me, there's no denying that VIS did some superhuman releasing on this series. Keep the hard work up guys, we all appreciate it.

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