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Alt Names: alt ひみこいalt 秘恋alt Himi Koialt Secret Love (Robiko)
Author: Robico
Artist: Robico
Genres: Oneshot OneshotRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: What if the secret she could never tell was revealed, just before her high school graduation? So that she could face the feelings of Yoshii, whom she has a crush on, the two of them begin a secret game in their secret place. With the last day of school looming, what will be the outcome of her love...?
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The first volume is better all around, and imo planned/handled way better.

The development and pacing was also sensible.

The second volume, I'm not a fan of. The 5th chapter was actually ok, and though it's not a happy ending, had me feeling the forbidden vibe.

The 4th chapter was very basic, and though the situation has been written countless times, could have introduced tiny new elements in.

But what had my blood boiling was the 6th chapter.

What a scumbag of a guy he is, and the girl is just as detestable

I mean I know terrible people exist, but as a oneshot it just made no sense. Probably a long chaptered series to explore their characters might help redeem them a bit.

The guy is a dirtbag, and till the end shows no sincerity toward the female MC. Honestly he's a terrible son and a jerk for leaving the girl twice.

And the girl is immature in every aspect, from no friends, to latching onto him and being ok with being used by him financially and sexually.

If this was way longer, we might get to see their backstory and how they became like this. Maybe also have them mature over time.

But meh, it was poorly written too as a oneshot.

Also, I rather they kept it a sad ending, and move on and finally find a guy who would be honest and treasure her. Why make him come back, with no remorse at all?

Sure, she voluntarily slept with him, but emotionally he played her by dumping her and running away. Crappy guy crappy chapter

Read first 5 chapters, skip the last one.

The second volume wasn't as good as the first one imo, but it was a nice read nonetheless.

This is really a rather wonderful set of one-shots. In fact, I can't think of any better. As expected from Robiko. 

Oh God no wonder I was drawn to it... I had no idea it was the same person as tonari_no_kaibutsu_kun. First time I've read these kinda one shot compilations. Super heartwrenching I wish I got to see more

N'aww that was a really nice read :3

that chapter 5 feels tho...

ooo pretty nice one-shot collection!
thank you very much Mystic iris and Summer Rain!


Damn feels in that chapter 5. I will hope that they will still be together...


Yeah, I understand and don't understand why they can't be together, but hope it'll end



Robiko's work is always a delight to read ^ ^



damn almost bursting laugh in the middle of the night

Damn feels in that chapter 5. I will hope that they will still be together...

Robiko's work is always a delight to read ^ ^


cute cute cute!


thanks summer rain & mystic iris~

Th-the last chapter... omg... :D A really nice finale! ^^ I think this collection is sweet and interesting... and a little different. In a good way.

All dem feels.

I've read a lot of shojo with the whole "forbidden love" thing but this one played it out really well. It felt really tragic that it had to happen to them :'(

These are some very well done short stories! I like how the character have depth to them, and it feels like the romance is part of their lives, not the ONLY thing about them. Worth the read!

same author as tonari no Kaibutsukun!!!!!

Ah.  That would explain why all three (so far) are great stories!

Thanks Mystic Iris watered by Summer Rain!

That was adorable! X3

That last one was great.

Both of these one shots - two so far - are so good -  really sweet and secret love

seems like a set of oneshots, gonna love them one shots and their open ended endings

Che carino! <3
That was very nice, I thought it was a oneshot. It'd be great if there will be more chapters.
now that was a nice read^^
same author as tonari no Kaibutsukun!!!!!
I have absolutely no clue how this would (if it truly will?) continue, but if it does, I will be very happy. :3 Cheesily said.

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