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Alt Names: alt Hide Out
Author: KAKIZAKI Masasumi
Artist: KAKIZAKI Masasumi
Genres: Horror HorrorSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: On an idyllic vacation island in the southern seas, a young couple is trying to overcome the death of their only son. But for Seiichi Kirishima, the husband, the trip has a different purpose altogether. He plans to kill his wife and dispose of her body deep inside the forest. However, when his plan goes awry and his wife manages to escape, Seiichi follows her into a dark cave, only to find himself trapped inside and soon hunted by a savage creature with an insatiable hunger for human flesh…
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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A must read!, indeed.

I really love how dark this comic went. It took turns I wasn't expecting and even the end I loved. There were some things that kept me wondering even after the conclusion but not enough that I wouldn't recommend it to a horror comic fan.

A bit too much about negativity of people, but that aside, 4/5 I would say

Definitely thumbs up for me! What a twisted ending.  

Didn't expect that ending to happen. In the end, I wished that things would have happened differently. Or perhaps I just wished for things to be slightly different in terms of actions and words? Well, I guess you could say the ending didn't satisfy me.

Then again, the whole experiences felt throughout the manga might've not been enough for me to really consider that ending to be suitable.
Here's what I thought might happen; I don't think you can consider it a spoiler, but you can agree it'll take away a possibility that you might've considered.

The pacing felt a bit fast to me.  Every character was laid out as being reprehensible.  I get that it was stated.  Yet, those small glimpses did not give me a real feel of who they are.  I feel that we were supposed to empathize with each character not by their full 'character' but by their archetypal representations.  The Manipulative, Controlling In-Laws, The Bitch Wife, The Bastard Husband, The Darling Son.  No wonder I felt King vibes with this manga.  It has the same faults as a Stephen King novel as well.  The characters are too one-sided. Oh, well.  For all its faults, I still find it very interesting.  I have a soft spot for mentally unhinged characters.
I want more.  Pity it was so short.

The author said he was influenced by Stephen King and I can really see it in his story-telling.  It feels like the kind of story or movie Stephen King or John Carpenter would write in the 1980s  and 1990s.  This is great in manga form because I never really was a fan of King's writing.  Now if only we can get a movie in the works...

niceeeeee, i can take manga. dunno how many times i would've pissed myself if this was a movie
This is good, worth the read.
In the horror genre it isn't that original as a plot and setting but it's definitly worth a read. You'll enjoy it.
I'm just wondering if I should read this. By the way, I have very bad trypophobia.
Hands down, one of the best horror mangas I've ever read.
Ah, right. Thank you to Iskultrip Scans for scanlating this manga~
Another great manga by Kakizaki. Pretty soon he's going to become my favorite mangaka~ Im only joking. He already is. I would recommend this series to anyone who is into creepy dark
story lines.

I would not be surprised if you read a chapter from this series and end up having a creepy dark dream yourself. If you have the drawing skills, why not make it into manga for people to enjoy? Dahaha, I'm only joking again~
this is great!
This is gonna be great.
why do i keep getting myself in these kind of situations reading this at night when i know i don't have the stomach for this stuff
this is good in its genre
just gonna say "wow"

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