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Hatsukoi no Tsuzuki

Alt Names: alt age22alt 初恋のつづきalt 初戀的繼續alt Clumsyalt Hatsukoi no Tsudukialt Suki na Kuseni
Author: Uemori Yuu
Artist: Uemori Yuu
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: 1) Hatsukoi no Tsuzuki
After reaching a dead end in a relationship that never really started, Ogu and Kyoka meet again 4 years later. Will things unfold differently this time around?

2) Clumsy

3) age22
Nene made a promise with her 'childish childhood' friend. But will he remember these years later?
4) Suki na Kuseni


Ogu y Kyoka eran amigos en primaria y sin embargo llegarón a ser algo más que amigos pero aun que estaban juntos eran muy timidos para darce la mano y menos darce un beso, un día ella quizo entrar en la misma secundaria que Ogu el cual a este lo puso muy feliz no obstante ella no quedo en la secundaria que Ogu por lo que se tubierón que separar.... 4 años después ellos se vuelven a encontrar estando en la Universidad... sin embargo al pasar los años ellos estubierón con otras personas ¿Comó afectara esto a ellos dos?
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These were surprisingly ok. The first chapter developed faster than I imagined, but I guess it's normal outside of regular shoujo manga.

I think the 3rd one is my favorite. Usually it's a little too understated for my taste, but that's how his entire personality and character is like, so it worked.

These weren't great, but the stories had slightly less conventional settings. It created a different feel to the normal shoujo setting that's less written about mainstream.

the oneshots weren't bad, perhaps a bit shallow in feeling, but it's hard to expect more from thirty-something pages


the last story was the best though, so cute and innocent, and had my favourite kind of couple (the type that's been friends for a looong time and makes people around them go "JUST KISS ALREADY, DAMMIT")


I loved all of these! They all played with different cliches centered around MCs who have a history together, be it childhood friends, long crushes, etc. All had a school life element too. And those are my favorite cliches. Art was qt. Thank you shoujo crusade.

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