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Gyakuten Honey

Alt Names: alt 逆転ハニーalt 逆轉甜心alt Reversal Honey
Author: TOKEINO Hari
Artist: TOKEINO Hari
Genres: Comedy ComedyGender Bender Gender BenderRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: One day, Kengo Yagami found some of his classmates teasing a turtle that lived behind their school–and he beat them up. But when the turtle spoke, he was so shocked that he kicked it as hard as he could. Unfortunately, the turtle was actually a god, and as punishment, he switched Kengo’s body with his childhood friend Mitsuka’s, and their new bodies are causing both of them a lot of trouble at school…
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this... I can't decided which pair I love more, the original or the reversed one...

I love this. Male tsundere in a girl's body. I'm gonna die from cuteness! >.<

although it might be somewhat repetitive, but I want more!!! because it's so cute <3

A unique way to put gender Bender to use. I wish Ken-chan would not totally become girlish at the end though. It would ruin it if he gives up with what the body dictates just like that. I still like it if their original personality would not entirely diminish. FOLLOW.
hehe A kiss every chapter won't be bad! ^///^
@theroadstopshere im glad im not the only one who would exploit the poor talking animals.
What is with you people and your violent tendencies towards talking animals? A more normal reaction would be to put the thing on television and rake in the lovely royalties.
If I heard one talk, I'd hurl it to the ground and try to stomp on it. So I think kicking it into the air is the kind way out.
sooo let me get this straight. a turtle talks and the first thing to come to mind is to kick it? well whatever floats this author's boat i guess.
Well, aren't you a Negative Nancy?
Very cute. Hopefully it won't get boring due to repitition too fast.
This is going to be a fun read! The artwork is amazing as well!

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