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Guardian Garden - Mamori Hito no Niwa

Alt Names: alt 守护者花园alt ガーディアン・ガーデン~護り人の庭~alt Guardian Garden
Author: Ichikawa Ryunosuke
Artist: Ichikawa Ryunosuke
Genres: Adventure AdventureComedy ComedyFantasy FantasyGender Bender Gender BenderRomance RomanceShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Incoming high-school girl Kisaragi Hinata works at the flower shop her father owns with her best friends. Her mom died while she was still a baby and her dad disappeared 10 years ago, leaving her without a family. She is usually very happy, but still can’t shake off the trauma of losing a family. One day, she gets kidnapped by an organization that seems to know some secret about Hinata. Lucky for her, two beautiful people that have extraordinary abilities and some kind of connection with her dad save her. She then discovers that she can communicate with plants. Could this be why people are after her?
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Like others, I am amused by this genre conflation. Reverse harem with a Mary Sue who runs a flower shop and talks to flowers... the shounen manga?


Even if it's not terribly well written and questionably translated, I can't help myself from liking it on principle.

I dont think Aoi needed to cross-dress.....

@JKitty ;; LOL;; IKR?!

My favorite is Aoi 'till now. Kiku is adorable, though... Aoi is a sly troll, Kiku is more like a chivalrious airhead.
Haha I love it. The female lead is soooo weird though. "Oh this numbing feeling is wonderful <3" ... such a freak xP
Scanlator here!

Chapter 3 pretty much explains chapter 2 !! :3

I am gonna upload it today. ^^
Umm latest chapter a bit hard to follow... out of order?
why do they cross dress when they're already freakin handsome? =_=..............................
Just because the author is male doesn't necessarily make it shounen. For example the Mangaka for Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, D. Gray-Man, Hitman Reborn and Full Metal Alchemist are Female but their works are shounen not shoujo
Shonen. This artwork is pretty unique for a shonen... and even more for a guy! The author is male.
The art style is getting me a bit confused while some parts are clearly shounen, the way the eyes of the female characters have are somewhat shoujo (big sparkly eyes).
What do you think? Posted Image
Fantastic artwork!

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