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GOD EATER - the summer wars

Alt Names: alt ゴッドイーター ザ サマーウォーズalt God Eater: The Summer Wars
Author: Bandai Namco Games
Artist: Okiura
Genres: Action ActionEcchi EcchiRomance RomanceSci-fi Sci-fiShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: After going through the various events at the Fenrir Far East Branch,Alisa develops a feeling similar to respect for 1st Unit leader, Yuu. Meanwhile, Alisa and Yuu are dispatched to Aegis Island on a protection mission.

> Part of the GOD EATER series
(http://bato.to/search?name=god%20eater )
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Alright, who is it that is high enough to upload the wrong chapter to a wrong manga ?
Feels rushed but it ok I like the ending
@Kortez I think that warning came from Alisa.
A nice little "what if" story. I approve.
At least she gave out a warning before going berserk. I was never warned when she blasted my back to pieces.....then blamed me for it.
Kanon... such a lovely face. I remember her repeatedly shooting me while I was focusing on slicing and dicing.... Though I doubt this is canon, it has the possibility of being canon. I mean the developers can easily make a male MC the canon choice if they so desired. It wouldn't be the first time a game where the player choose the gender of the MC obtained a canon gender for the MC after the game is released (KotOR I and II come to mind with the canon choices being male and female respectively).
Fan service ! That's all !
This is a side story consisting of a volume of 7 chapters. I haven't played the game so it's a bit hard for me to follow
It's supposed to be a oneshot volume...not sure if this is the only chapter, =/
I've played the game, beaten every mission and read this manga. I'll just tell you this now. The manga is Pure Fan Service for Alyssa Fans and is non-Canon to the actual plot of the psp game since in the game, you can choose to be a guy or a girl.
I don't know about this one. The pace is definitely a bit faster than one would think and not to mention that this doesn't really look like it was finished to begin with.

People who played the game might know what's going on but people who hasn't seen/or heard of the game will have a hard time understanding what's going on. Since I didn't see it, I won't be following it.
woah a manga? the game was freaking epic can someone tell me if the manga is too?
manga version of a game? it might work....
Well not too bad and from checking mangaupdates, this seems to only have 1 volume, so it's pretty short.
kind of meh... dunno if its worth following

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