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Alt Names: alt ガールズ&パンツァーalt Girls & Pantzeralt Girls & Panzer
Author: SAITANIYA Ryouichi
Artist: SAITANIYA Ryouichi
Genres: Action ActionComedy ComedyDrama DramaSchool Life School LifeSci-fi Sci-fiSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: In this world, Sensha-do (戦車道), the art of tank-combat, is a traditional Japanese martial art for girls. Miho, a girl who just transfered into the Ōrai Girls' Academy in Ibaraki Prefecture, has been ordered by the academy's student council chairperson to join the school team and compete in the national Sensha-do championships.

> Part of the GIRLS und PANZER series
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'Cause men love girls and panzers.

"women and cars" is too mainstream nowadays

why is this a thing


'Cause men love girls and panzers.

Anime series of this can be found here:


enjoy! :D

Sometimes, I would mistakenly read the title as "Girls under Pants".

why is this a thing

Praise be Caesar!

I still have a problem with giving emotionally unstable high school girls, who would barely qualify to get a scooter licence, access to heavy artillery vehicles with live munition...


But that's just my pesky common sense, LOL

Italian tanks? Are they suicidal?
Why this manga in monhtly
"lol I soo knew this would get an Anime."

The Girls und Panzer anime isn't an adaptation of the manga, the manga was a tie-in preview of the anime.
i never thought in my entire life, that one day i will see a bloody pink tank =)) still awsome though =))
This is one of the gems of the current anime season IMHO. Too bad the 11th and 12th episode got pushed all the way back to March. :(

Let's hope the scans doesn't get pushed back as much...
Girls und Panzer Anime Rant Thread for forum coming up? We'll see after watching the first episode.
Online Streaming?


Or am I just dreaming?
lol I soo knew this would get an Anime.
So many good Manga would deserve an Anime, but stuff like this gets one.
It seems like Girls und Panzer is getting an anime.

Rommel used a plane though, I believe. :D
Ah sorry I meant A2 but A1 would still do the job :P
A screw it! Just send out an M1A1 and then none of you will have anything left to complain about! :P
I'm in agreement with you @rockgollem! There are some "silly bits" which are best left unexamined, BUT some are just "too silly" to let slide.
That the girl knew it was "A Churchill" is Ok, but knowing which version? Not so Ok, lolz! They pretty much look the same, eh?

Our girls have 2 "pretty good" tanks, 1 OK and 2 "very weak" ones. The MkVii is a monster. It alone should wipe them all out, if it can catch them! The Matildas are "ok" but still our good tanks should beat them.
Oh well, it's just so darn CUTE! (page 10 bottom panel)
"sneakingly" is my new favorite word! (page 5)
It's not a "just hit it" victory system, that's good!
http://www.wwiivehicles.com/ Excellent resource! Navigation isn't great, but search works well.
The Churchill Mk VII weighs 40 tons! It only goes 12 mph! Those super-slow Matildas and it wouldn't match speeds with Pz4, hills or not.
The Stg3's gun should be ample to blow up these tanks, from the side or rear, even the Churchill! Not from the front of course.
Putting their tanks in a circle means some side/rear shots are available on ALL of them, so idk why they aren't deadmeat.
Also: the MkVii is from 1945! Pitting it against tanks from the 30's is just silly. Rules! We demand to know the rules!
@Alexandre: Could very well be the case and perhaps the most logical explanation, but that would be way too complex and expensive to be a reasonable or affordable cost. I think even dressage, which is a costly and decadent sport, would pale in cost. As we have talked about, I think it would be an unsolvable riddle that would be best left as "logic blackhole".

@ShaiHH: The girl who notices the Churchill's pattern is the gunner rather than the commander who is said to be the most exprienced. From what I have seen, most girls driving the tanks have shown themselves to be an uneducated amateur at best (even the so called national second, St. Gloriana, so I can guess the level of the girls who plays this) , so I discounted the fact that they could recognize different patterns of Churchill, but I suppose it is possible that the gunner girl is somehow fan of Churchills or studied extra bit about how they look.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I loved how the commanding tank went out for the reconaissance. Oh, what is that girl trying to pull, a Rommel?
@ rock gollem. Yes, how do they guarantee crew safety in a training match if they're using live ammo? that confuses me too; it would appear that they're using some sort of light explosive round that's designed to simulate the penetration of a vehicle (do they have a sensor system?). One thing that also needs to be considered with HE rounds is the effect spalling, which the PZ38(T), Lee and the Type 89 would be particularly vulnerable to; the metal welds would be loosened by the heat from the explosives and launched around the vehicle like bullets. This was a major source of casualties for vehicles like those. Yes, it would appear for the most part that the author has become rather detached from reality; any penetration on the lee (with its crew of seven [driver, gunner (hull gun), loader (hull gun), radio operator, commander, gunner (turret) and loader (turret)] would instantly cause casualties amongst the crew since the vehicle would be so confined. I suspect that in order to avoid casualties, the vehicles have a pressure alarm sensor that sounds a klaxon, indicating whether or not the vehicle was penetrated, but that's just my educated guess.
Higher firing-speed makes sense as an advantage.
Though we now know it's not a tank-version of paintball.
It really would help understanding this Manga if we knew the rules to this.

I think we can assume that they studied tanks intensively, so them recognising a Churchill between Mathildas isn't really that far off. I mean the commanding girl is said to come from a family with a long tradition in this, so she propably learned to recognise patterns from age 2 or something like that.
Starting next post, I'll try to make it shorter, more concise, and only about mistakes.

I think I ranted too much on this and lost some followers (if I had any in the first place)

I'm sure people who's following me and encouraged me during my first rant would eventually get annoyed or tired of my rants, so that's why I'm going to perform above reforms starting next chapter.

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