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(G) Edition

Alt Names: alt G-Maru Edition
Author: Kawashita Mizuki
Artist: Kawashita Mizuki
Genres: Comedy ComedyEcchi Ecchi
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A young girl (Kaburagi Aruto) aspiring to become a shoujo mangaka, much to her chagrin, discovers she is fated to become a renowned hentai manga artist (thanks to a time-traveling robot named G-Maru who is also her biggest fan).
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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aww.... I loved it! I wish it could be more 'cause it ended leaving us with many questions.... 


every time its said "looking forward for the next x-sensei work" i have this bad feeling that they will just stop drawing mangas. we're still waiting for the Bakuman-death note duo next work, too.

So could the fat man be the friend from her childhood?
Just read the ending now. It's a "no-end" ending. Did this get axed or something?
I can't tell if her latest series ended because of her or because of ratings. I really liked the one before this and she could have gone longer but maybe it was poor in the ratings as well. (which I feel this one is) Either way, this did get better later but I'm happy its done, and finished not bad if I may say! Hope to see her next work soon.
Give me back my tears!
wtf end
Well I'm glad this ended, wasn't that good anyway compared to her other manga(s). I only read this for the fan-service
Was expecting the "ero" end >_>
All well that ends well
I hope her next manga can be as good as ichigo 100%
NO!!!!!!!!! Why end it now!
azndragonlord,zipperz: a more appropriate word is existences ,saying she has "multiple personalities " sound like she's a case of MPD/DID. And i think G-Maru has already outright said it, the future they saw only one of many possibilities. Think about it, if she never becomes ero-mangaka, the world of G-Maru where she is wouldn't exist from first place. To ensure his existence, the event ero-mangaka Aruto must be fact in one of those continuities, as proved by that magazine. You could argued in the timeline Aruto and friends saw, she won't become one, but the chance she just yet become one in that timeline also possible since G-Maru comes from a very far future
@zipperz so kinda like Jet Li's The One?
could it be..
oh shit! mistake?!
my want to read ecchi switch is on
Well there was fanservice at the Doraemon referrence page.
hmmm is that girl one of goku's descendats? http://vatoto.com/read/_/133134/g-edition_ch14_by_cxc-scans/18
Posted ImageNo...Fan...Service...
Yess.... an update.. been waiting for this
ero manga are the bast that what i think

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