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Fuyu Hanabi

Alt Names: alt 冬はなびalt Winter Fireworks
Author: Hara Hidenori
Artist: Hara Hidenori
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of LifeSports Sports
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Dragon Gon... A 36 year old bachelor and lusterless boxer who is on the verge of retirement. By all expectations, he would quietly and uneventfully retire. Until he happened to meet a vivacious actress... Love, laughter, and boxing; a drama about the prime of life now unfolds!
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Topic [SPOILERS] Current Chapter Discussion New Window svines85
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Okay, we're all done! Big thanks to Taylor for doing the translation, he's great at it. Also thanks to our cleaners and typesetters. Hope you all liked it!
Thanks, VIS. I really enjoyed this one, just as I like all of Hara Hidenori's manga.
Good end, yes.
I liked it, good ending!
Great Manga! Great Ending! Loved it! 5 Stars!
Very good, a great manga, thanks a lot Village Idiot Scans!!
they became a couple in the end huh? a nice way to end this.
Very nice end. Seems like they both are happy.
Thanks Mucho, KelpTheGreat! Another great chapter.
Now, go KO that dope, Dragon Gonta!
Wish he owns the other person.
This is getting really good. Hope he gets one good hit on the guy at least.
Very cool, thanks a lot VIS!!
Lol, this guys art style always make me laugh.
Well, I finished proofing the last chapter (9) of Fuyu today, so as soon as it's all cleaned and typeset, we'll release it. Look forward to it in the next few weeks (or less)!
Good manga, thanks VIScans
Great new chapter, only 2 left now, thanks a lot Village Idiot Scans!!
Ch. 7 is interesting. First time in the manga anyone's taken an action on their own initiative.
Actually, when I think about it, manga heroes actually coming up with a positive idea and acting on it is rarer than you'd expect. Especially if you don't count "Man up and confess to the girl you love", which doesn't really take a lot of problem-solving skilz. Mostly they just kind of get swept up by events and do their best to cope.
Oh, for fuck's sake. She is not even young anymore, yet they make so much noise over a silly kiss.
Great new chapter, thanks a lot VIS!!
@Purple Library Guy No, I haven't noticed that very much. In this specific case, though, it might just be the press reacting so strongly because Gon is her trainer, and that seems a bit unusual. As for in general, I'll take your word for it.
This author really knows how to pull at the ol' heart strings, eh?
Hm. By the way, has anyone else ever wondered about the attitude in Japan towards their idols getting into relationships? (Not that the North American attitude is particularly healthy either) In a lot of manga there seems to be this thing where except maybe if you handle it just perfectly, the mere event of having a normal healthy romance is terrible for your career, like you're supposed to be married to the fans or something--and it's true for both girl stars and boy stars, although maybe less so for the boys. Seems weird to me.
Great new chapter, thanks a lot VIS!!
VIS, thx alot for bringing us Fuyu Hanabi. Its a very different sort of manga.
I'm really liking this so far. I like Hara Hidenori's stuff, like a few here (hi Comadrin!), but this one is a bit different. I mean, Regatta and Hoshi no Furu Machi are about people just getting going; they're in the, y'know, "Springtime of Youth" and they're working out the problems of being young and uncertain of your path. But this one's about older people, disillusioned people trying to hold onto a direction and some mojo in a cynical world. So far it has a really nice touch.
Thanks Village Idiot; you folks have brought me a lot of good stuff and this looks like another really good one.

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