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Futsuu no Koiko-chan

Alt Names: alt ふつうの恋子ちゃんalt What an average way Koiko goes!
Author: NANAJI Nagamu
Artist: NANAJI Nagamu
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Koiko has lived her life under an overly-attached mother and a distant, neglectful sister. While she dislikes the idea of drowning in it, Koiko still wants to be in love, so she settles for being an average high schooler with an average boyfriend and an average relationship. One day, the most popular boy in school, Tsurugi, sends her a message: "Your boyfriend is cheating on you." This is where our story begins!
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Fanno troppa tenerezza!❤

Another one to wait for in english

It a refreshing story with boatloads of cuteness (starting from chapter 4) I'm hoping a group decides to scanlate it in English so that more people can know of it

Chapters 1-3 (although can be irritating to read for some) does a good job of establishing Koiko-chan's character. She is imo one of the more relatable shoujo heroines. Tsuru is tots adorbs he is dense when it comes to the "social ladder" concept and how he is the number one cool kid but he is not a jerk, he's a nice, gentlemanly (as gentlemanly as any guy his age can be) character who is super straight forward in his interactions with her. There's no ambiguity in how he feels about her. The development of both MCs are well portrayed through the art and dialogue.
15 minuti finiscono in fretta se non si danno una mossa (≧∀≦)
Uhaaaa che bello il capitolo 32 ❤️ Dolcissimo grazie
Che bello il capitolo 30 grazie (*≧∀≦*)

Idiotaidiotaidiota lo so già come andrà avanti mai 'na gioia ç_ç

Another one to wait for in english

Grazie della traduzione il manga è stupendo e dolcissimo

Gracias por la traducción!!

Vediamo se si danno una smossa!!!

Grazie per la traduzione ^^

Grazie mille ^U^

storia molto carina

molto carino, grazie per aver tradotto! :)

ancora *^* non posso farne a meno <3 adoro questo manga 

mi piace il personaggio femminile e come inizia a sciogliersi pian piano... :)

Grazie ;)

Y esto por fin está tomando el rumbo hacia el romaaaaaance señores!!!

Me gusta que no sea tan rosa e idealizado, amo que el protagonista deje fluir sus sentimientos e intensiones, y que la protagonista se resista lo justo y necesario como para ser honesta y aceptar cambios.


gracias gracias!

¡Se ve muy buena! Ella es interesante, la mayoría de las protagonistas que buscan una vida "normal" no suelen tener novio, se enamoran a primera vista y a penas termina el primer capitulo todo es un caos. Este es más distinto y juega con los "valores" de la protagonista, más que con el amor (que asumo vendrá en los siguientes capitulos). Para ser el primero, me gustó mucho mucho, y el dibujo es hermoso también *-*


Gracias por traducirlo!!

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