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Evangelion - RE-TAKE Soushuuhen Zen Nenrei Han (Doujinshi)

Alt Names: alt Evangelion - Re-Take (All-ages Version)alt Evangelion - RE-TAKE Soushuuhen Zen Nenrei Hanalt RE-TAKE Soushuuhen Zen Nenrei Han Dai Ichishuualt RE-TAKE総集編 全年齢版 第参集
Author: Studio Kimigabuchi (Circle) & Kimimaru
Artist: Studio Kimigabuchi (Circle) & Kimimaru
Genres: Action ActionDoujinshi DoujinshiDrama DramaMecha MechaPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceSci-fi Sci-fi
Type: Other
Status: Complete
Description: Re-take (All Ages version) presents an alternative ending to The End of Evangelion. This is a remade of the Re-Take (Adult version) where new scenes were inserted and all sexual content was removed.

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My sincere opinion:


I prefer the original Adult Version... My reasons:


 - Evangelion was never a All Ages Anime/Manga, lots of blood, guts, violence and fan service. It weren't for the faint of heart or for persons that are easily disgusted;

 - Unfortunately most of the hentai do not have any story to mind, did not had nothing as the sexual intercourse, being used for lot of people as f*p material only. This one have story, makes you move, feel, it changes you;

 - Life is not sweet and pink in everything, everything can be a way of learn in how to live, and this kind of dark, violence stories are the other side that most of the people pretend that do not exists, the same that closes their eyes or turn their heads when someone asks you for money on a street, with old, ripped and dirt clothes.


It's a story that still today causes lots of theories, move people to read it, even years after been edited.


About the Adult version, I considered a master piece. I see this alternative ending, the adult one, with everything that is given, as a master piece, the alternative to the canon ending.


Even if it had violence, even if it had sexual intercourses, explicit images, everything. No warm blankets, no censor, the full explicit life, with everything that it's good, it's bad, it's desgusting, it's subjective of social discrimination.

Seeing it as a whole, I love it.


Do not try to soften it, it loses all the real impact that the original author tried to portrait, that should not be the objective here, nor in life. Live it as full, find solutions, act, that's how things must be done.

Well holy shit. Color me impressed. That's some really fine work. Had moments that were downright eva-like in scope and execution.

Oh my glob.

My heart.

That was the best piece of fan-work I have ever read. They covered everything. Literally everything I could think of.

I- I have never been so satisfied with a fan-work. Ever.

Sonofabitch. I need to go lay down or something.


Also, note: The artist of Denpa Kyoushi was in on this, there is no way in hell he wasn't.


All stories are true. This one was beautiful.
I'm a DieHard fanatic of the original series Episode 1 to Episode 24 + End of Evangelion, and accept only that for true.
But, I really enjoyed these 3 volumes of QUALITY FanFiction, and although there is only one I will hold so dear, this was really good, enjoyable, worthwhile, and the best fanfiction of anything I've read so far.
nice, but im confused tho lol~

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