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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Alt Names: alt Electric Wave Woman and Youthful Manalt 電波女と青春男
Author: Iruma Hitoma
Artist: Yamane Masato
Genres: Comedy ComedyEcchi EcchiRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Makoto Niwa moves to live in the city and meets his first cousin Erio Touwa at the house of his aunt Meme Touwa. Erio is no longer enrolled on the register of the school and is constantly wrapped in a futon. Erio claims that she is an extraterrestrial life.
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At least there is an anime.

No season 2 doe

The Anime was awesome

At least there is an anime.

I miss this... D:

There's a doujin of that *wink*


I'm not sure that counts. There's a doujin for everything.

Last panel is as awesome as when I saw it in the anime. \o/

I so want that Aunt to be in the harem.


There's a doujin of that *wink*


Whoa @ the end. I didn't see that coming.

I so want that Aunt to be in the harem.

After being spoiled by the denpa from SHAFT, it's hard to get into the manga. Guess I'll pass this one.
Should I thank Tsukino Jyogi for introducing me to this manga? After reading the first chapter I'm not sure anymore... my head hurts...
Bah just as I was reading it they switched out the 'versions' and now its giving me that 404 message. >.>
There is nothing more frustrating than having the author tell you "Sleepover chapter! It's going to be fun~" and then ending right there. Now all that excitement is just going to have to simmer for a full month or so until the next chapter.
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dang it its been so long since I last read. I don't remember why she believed in aliens must reread before the world ends.

Duh, its been too long since I last read this :(
Ryuuko says many strange things, Xenoevil. It was intentional.
Someone forgot to typeset the proper language for the speech bubble on page 7 lower left.
nope, it's not been dropped. but then again the staff at VI hasn't been really free, especially considering the sheer no. of projects we're working on. more help would be great.
Was this dropped? It's been a while since the last update.
Bit difficult to follow at first, but it gets pretty good after the first few chapters. I like that the love interest isn't the main female character for once, and all the girls aren't head over heels for him. Manga has a nice feel to it, keep it coming.
I get the feeling that if his aunt ever got married the husband wouldnt beable to
resist her +1 cuteness that she would spill on him.

so liking this book, keep them coming.
I do no agree with author's score calculation.
"Having his hot aunt lay her head on his lap and lick him" that's +1000000!!!
For example, "Minamoto-kun Monogatari"'s MC would give everything for his aunt to "lick him".
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