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Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru

Alt Names: alt 誰が為に鋼は鳴るalt For Whom the Steel Tollsalt По ком звонит сталь
Author: Amano Taka
Artist: Amano Taka
Genres: Fantasy FantasySeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A gullible girl, a troubled adult, and the God that watches over them... The heartwarming chronicle of growth between the three of them as their daily lives entwine.

The young adopted Mi-Chan, confused by a town she is not used to, encounters the adult blacksmith craftsman, Ken, and the smithy’s God, Kitsune. This encounter will help her heart grow. Though, this growth will also become the flames of change to both Ken, and the God, Kitsune...
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Really Glad I found this one, thanks God and everyone.

I like this a lot, so beautiful.

Such short and beautiful manga, it is sad to see it ending but it was memorable read, it was sad to see Kitsune-chan suffering in one of the last chapters but the ending seemed like the happiest outcome possible, still a little bit sad (for her) but but better than before. Thanks for your work in this little lovely manga.  

very pleasant read. thanks, VI-scans

Absolutely loved the story and finally the Ending has come and I am happy :3

Damn that was heart-warmingly cute. Nice one.

Exactly what I was hoping it would be. And nothing I could have ever dreamed of.

I hope they have children who can see Kitsune-chan.

The ending could have been a little longer....but it was good.

Too fast ... I demand more of their moments but it ended in a satisfying way, thank you scanlation staff :D

This type of development feels too rushed, probably because the series is so short...especially side characters like that Fuji-san that barely made some 2 panels appearance in chapter 2 to pop back in for chapter 6...


Well, overall I'm glad the author didn't add any unnecessary drama for this cozy atmosphere that he built up.

It was so beautiful, and so sweet and mellow! Why are fantastic series like this so short? I could have happily read about Ken, Mi, and all the other character for another 20 chapters at least!

T-T Ah well, the best stories always make you feel like that.

Absolutely in one of my top series, thank you VI for bringing this to us!

And happy 7th birthday as a scan group, it's amazing how long I've been seeing your name and reading dozens of series by your kindness.

Very nice indeed.  Interesting, different, I like all the characters and I thought the sequences of him hammering away coming to the feel for the fire and the metal were amazing.

I'm presuming


Don't goooo!!! ;A;

Im voting for the mother but it seems that she is a side character :(

I really like this manga it is quite interesting. Thanks for this chapter.

If this were licensed and available on iTunes or some other digital format, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

A love triangle between a daughter and mother DX but i doubt that it is going to be in depth after all there is only one volume.

Better and better. Adding this to my "going to buy this next" list.

not a bad series.

Since I wanted to hear it, here is the tune on page 2 at half speed for anyone else who might want to too. -> http://onlinesequencer.net/48674


To me it just sounded way too fast as transcribed in the manga - 96bpm of mostly 8ths at 2/4 time - so I left it at 48bpm. Maybe I got how note lengths work on that sequencer wrong and that was the problem? Well as long as I the melody can be made out it is all good. ;;>_>


I think it sounds much better and more natural at 24 bpm or 30 bpm. I just messed around with your link. Its a nice tune. Thanks for making it :D

This. This I like.

I like the idea of this series a lot.

To go into depth about the why for me personally would take a huge amount of space, but the setting is charming, the characters are actually quite well developed for so early in, and with plenty of room to grow and change, and I love their relationships. Smithing has always appealed to me, too, so I'm really looking forward to see him work the forge and grow as a person alongside his craft.

came here because it's a seinen scanlated by Vilage Idiot. I was not disappointed. Thank you

I like this kind of settings

Not that it is any of my business but on the very cover the furigana reads "dare" so the proper title would be "dare ga tame ni hagane ni naru" no?


Yeah, you are correct. But it was an easy mistake as the publisher printed the title without the hirigana meaning on the inside of the tankobon and that is what the translator saw first (not the dust jacket cover). It's been fixed.

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